Gamma metal detector is the main imaging tool to complete any successful 3D scan. Note: All AJAX products are provided with Two Years …

Underground Imaging System 3D Ajax Gamma Gold, multitasking and customized systems for detecting treasure and burials underground. You can choose any of the systems in the main menu to start using 3D Ajax Gamma directly.

• According to our Underground Imaging Systems Research, every prospector using ground imaging systems faces many difficulties in the use of these devices and complex programs. However, we have fixed all these complexities and difficulties in our 3D systems. Our system is easy to use, hassle-free and everyone can interact easily.

• The 3D imaging system has a special software interface that allows you to control the scan settings and properties.


This system has many features for a complete scan

• Scanning feature using Tablet PC to run on AJAX application for 3D Ajax Gamma analysis .

• Or the ground scanning feature directly displayed on the device screen as the user wants.

• It also has the feature of scanning and finding target locations and determining their points.

• The user can also connect the device to the Tablet PC via Bluetooth to work on the Ajax application to obtain more analysis tools and 3D images of the targets .

• Visual Detector You can use two types of scanners: multitasking longitudinal scanner to scan a specific area that comes with the device, or multi-radar cross-section scanner powered by a high-speed directed power to cover and scan a large area in less time.

• Ground balancing and calibration can be done by automatic calibration of the reference system required for adjustment or by manual calibration determined by the user as deemed appropriate in the search area.

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