The Best Metal Detectors Underground İmaging Device


DMS Electronic Resistivite is Multi function Scanning machine for sub surface and engineering geology field problem. When you need to check th condition of soil condition of urban areas and check the water leakage zones and deduct the soil decompressioin.

If you are a prospector who is searching for Archaeological treasures in a secret manner, this is the right device for you. The DMS device comes only in two pieces, a search stick and a mobile phone. The search stick looks like an ordinary personal stick, which does not attract attention at all.

Through this stick, you can take pictures of the targets underground and display them on the program designed to analyze images with your mobile phone, as the device is equipped with a high-technology imaging system that can detect precious and archaeological treasures up to an underground depths of 10 meters.

Now with the new DMS device you can explore metals and detect gold using the search stick and a mobile device, the device is characterized by its small size and its secret usability that helps you to discover treasures without anybody feeling that you do, it is just a stick and mobile where you can walk anywhere and find gold And the treasures and spaces through the direct, and the 3D imaging system, the depth of the device reaches up to 10 meters under the ground.