XP ADX 150 Metal Detector The Detector For Beginners

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XP ADX 150 Metal Detector The Detector For Beginners


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XP ADX-150 Metal Detector

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ADX 150 is a simple and powerfull detector, perfect to introduce to detection. Unequalled performances and characteristics in its category! It is the detector of …

XP ADX-150 Treasure Detector

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ADX 150 is a Simple and Powerful Detector Perfect for Introducing Detection

Image Treasure Search Device

Unique performances and features in its category!
It is the detector for those who want power without worrying about adjustments. It’s not a beginner machine, you’ll keep it for life!

From the first moment you buy an XP detector, you will find it easy to use and use. Whether you are an experienced or a complete novice, this detector will bring you great satisfaction, especially due to the basic settings for easy and fast use.

  • Now compatible with XP wireless headset WS1 and WS3!
  • Wide Scan double-D, 22.5cm, waterproof, supplied with coil cover and connector to replace coil.
  • The highly durable cable is designed to withstand movement restrictions.
  • Light and robust ABS electronics box. The box is fixed under the armrest, it can also be hipmounted for maximum comfort (Hipmount bag included).
  • Light detector and perfectly balanced.
  • Sturdy armrest
  • Now provided with the new patented ergonomic “S TELESCOPIC” Stem.
  • Bottom fiberglass tube.

XP ADX-150 Treasure Detector General Features

  • Frekans: 4.6 Khz.
  • Sensitivity and Discrimination: Adjustable.
  • All metal: Movement.
  • Power: 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5 Volt AA.
  • Battery life: Alkaline: 50 Hours.
  • Low battery alert.
  • Option: charger and XP wireless earphone


XP Detector

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1 kg
Boyutlar 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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