APRON RANGE FIELD SCAN is an advanced technology product designed to detect metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, cavity, closed space structures such as burial cellar, tunnel cave. Devices produced for remote sensing have the latest technology in their class.

It was especially developed to detect buried or long lost precious metals and historical building remains containing cavities. It provides the opportunity to search for buried treasures, gold nuggets and many more valuable objects. Thanks to long-term R&D studies, Field Scanning technology has reached a new dimension.

The biggest difference of the APRON RANGE model is that it determines the point location of the target with mostly accurate and good separation. It is a two-time Transceiver feature, which is not currently in any area in the market. Transceiver synchronous signals Ionic and magnetic detection capability. For the first time in the world, it is the only field scanning model that has the ability to eliminate all the negativities that may arise from natural magnetic differences in summer and winter by using a two-time different detection technique. APRON RANGE is the best proven metal search detector used by professional treasure hunters, treasure hunters, archaeologists and mining companies.

Thanks to the mineral elimination and metal separation feature in the APRON RANGE field scanning system, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and closed space structures can be detected optionally. Every metal under the ground has a different magnetic identity. Magnetic identity differences exert a push and pull force on the signal receiving rods. Thanks to the advanced metal separation feature found only in the APRON RANGE field scanning system, the magnetic differences of metals can be detected by the possible reactive differences on the detector rods.


  • 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
  • 16 million pixel color full screen
  • New generation 64 bit processor 80 MIPS speed – 320 MHP clock speed
  • Synthesizer chip that generates new generation 64-bit DDS waveforms
  • Digital frequency synthesis x 20 PLL automatic frequency stabilizer 0.1 Hz
  • Gold, silver, copper, bronze, phosphor, iron, diamond, water, space and free mode programs
  • Manual frequency selection in 1 Hz intervals in each mode
  • Top-to-top power output up to 24 Volts
  • 70 MA battery energy consumption / 170 MA at full backlight. Continuous battery status display
  • “APR” – Automatic conductive ground energy transmission
  • “DGB” – Digital ground balancing to prevent ground minerals interference
  • Different wave shapes depending on the ground type
  • “WCC” – Signal receiver with Target Weight Control, poker anti and titanium “L” bars
  • Receiver antennas are not mistaken due to PH in the human skin.
  • Distances can be adjusted within the range of 2000 meters
  • Depth 18 Meters
  • Weight 4.6 kg