Assuva Detector

The most sensitive detection of the ASV Proton Elic Detector  series is a versatile device used as a 3D detector for high resolution metal and cavity detection. The device  can clearly detect the location of metal, room, tunnel, wall and non-metal objects at a depth of 15 meters to 50 meters.

ASV Proton Elic Detector Other Features

In addition to these features, it can scan a long range of 1,000 meters very easily. It can be used as Detector, Underground Imaging or Field Scanning Device . With a single button, it is possible to record indoor, outdoor, day and night shots as well as with satellite coordinates in its menu with Turkish options. ASV Proton ELIC automatically scans the area to which a live imaging device is directed in a very short time. ASV Proton ELICWhen desired, it can scan regardless of the vehicle speed while the vehicle is in motion and it is possible to scan in the helicopter. You can scan for a long time thanks to its 70-hour durable battery. Special carrying bag makes the product complete. You can easily carry the device with this bag. Free tablet and pc are free of charge. You can take a snapshot by installing the 3d reflection software on these devices.

If the device is not turned on properly, it will be damaged.

• Potential Health Hazards: The device does not pose any health hazards as long as it is used properly. According to current scientific data, high frequency signals are not harmful to the human body since they have low power.

• Surrounding Area: When the device is moved from a cold place to a warmer place, it should not be operated for a while. Any condensation that may occur will cause damage to the device. Avoid strong magnetic fields, such as near machines or speakers, and do not use such fields within 50m.

• Voltage : The power supply should not exceed the specified values. Use only the internal battery. Voltage should not exceed 5 Volts and not less than 4.4 Volts. Use the appropriate charger supplied with the proton.

Familiarize yourself with the battery charger and its correct plug before use. Incorrect charging can cause the battery to explode or catch fire. Overcharging the batteries shortens the battery life.
Proton should never be connected to the 110 / 230v mains connection. Do not insert the external battery pack into the internal charging slot or headphone jack. Incorrect charging will damage the tool.

Battery Charging Times (recommended)
• External battery 2-4 Hours
• Li-ion battery
• Data Security: In the following cases, data collection may be inaccurate.
• If the value of the sender module is exceeded
• If the power supply of the device is too low
• If other electronic devices are causing interference
• Adverse weather and environmental factors (lightning, high
voltage line….)
• Customer Care Service: Proton does not have user-serviceable parts. Proton maintenance should be performed by an authorized qualified maintenance specialist who will analyze, test, and check problems and will also be repaired if covered by warranty.

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Informative Text To Know Before Buying A Detector For All Our Products

In addition to being an enjoyable hobby, searching for gold in treasure hunting involves some technical issues. If you are going to buy a device to search for treasure; Ask your dealer about the warranty status of the detector brand you are going to buy.

Then, when you determine your own search area of ​​the detector you will buy, get information about the suitability of the detector for the land or region conditions. Do not buy a detector without researching depth.

In today’s technology, every detector has features of depth, durability and ease of use. For deep searches, first underground imaging devices should be provided, not detectors .

If you are using any  underground imaging device or field scanning device , you should definitely use a treasure detector , gold detector or metal detector for the separation of the precious metal you are looking for .

Because underground imaging devices are used to detect rooms, cellars, voids or water areas; The detector is used to detect the precious metal inside. The most preferred detectors in treasure hunting are surface search detectors. Deep Search Detector is mainly used to find deeper treasures. Do not decide on your Deep Detector preferences without consulting us. Our expert engineers will recommend you the best detector . Detector for sale or rent detector in the right place you are looking for.

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