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CAT 4 RADIODETECTION  Preventing Cable Leaks In the

increasingly regular industry, Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools, the generation of CAT4 ™ and Genny4 ™, build on over 40 years of CAT and Genny expertise to enable operators to find faster, more grounded programs.
These two innovative tools have been designed to deliver a step change capabilities with minimal change to business practices and training requirements.

The CAT4 and Genny4 series are designed to assist in reducing the risk of injury to personnel and utility damage by avoiding buried cables and pipes during excavation. Designed to detect CAT4 signals – whether naturally radiated metallic services, or created by Sondes (Mouse) and accessory-free array, Genny4, designed to provide the location of non-conductive services.

CAT4 and Genny4 Radiodetection is the most advanced CAT and to date Genny system designed to offer optimum performance, a high level of security, advanced features and a competitive cost of ownership.


Fast Detect, Better Detect The
CAT4 digital platform offers a highly refined find capabilities specifically designed to assist the operator, find programs from the ground more. CAT4 Avoidance Mode ™ allows the operator to control the excavation area intended for Power, Radio and Genny signals, and detect programs found in a single scan. Features such as a peak response on a fast buried conductor and a zero-in-point bargraph of an operator’s ‘water level trail’.
Genny4 Signal Generator allows to simultaneously find dual frequency signal output. Besides the familiar 33kHz for general purpose locates, Genny4 transmits a second high frequency signal, designed to facilitate the location of small diameter cables such as telecom and street lighting including Spurs. For difficult location determinations, the power boost function also allows the Find signal and deep travel and couple onto schedules easily.


Cable Avoidance Tools, CAT4 and Genny4, and Radiodetection’s range, built on over 30 years of Cable Avoidance expertise of operators to find programs faster, more grounded.
The innovative range of tools is designed to deliver one step chang capabilities with minimal change to business practices and training requirements.

CAT 4 RADIODETECTION Greater Detection, fast detect

CAT4 Avoidance Mode ™ allows the operator to control the excavation area intended for Power, Radio and Genny4 signals, and detect found programs in a single scan. The bar graph ‘water level trail’ allows the user to spot above zero quickly and be an embedded conductor. Genny4 provides simultaneous dual frequency Signal output. Locates the familiar 33 kHz signal for general purpose, as well as Genny4 special Small Diameter transmits Find frequency that facilitates its location from vehicles such as telecoms and street lighting, including Spurs. For difficult finds, the Signal Boost function allows Genny4 signals to travel more and deeper and double onto easier schedules.

CAT4 Dynamic Overload Protection feature automatically filters high levels

Interference, allowing operators to continue to work even in electrically noisy areas and under high voltage cables such as transformers – and the operator requires no input.

Dig Safer

As a safety critical tool, it offers a range of features designed to support safe operation as CAT4 and Genny4 and help to lower utility strike rates. StrikeAlert ™ alerts the operator of vehicles from shallow soil, while improper usage habits, encouragement corrective action SWING ™ alerts warning. Find the key parameters for eC.A.T4 ™ and gC.A.T4 ™ models to help identify training needs include on-board data collection, logging parameters every second. GC.A.T4 contains an internal GPS / GNSS receiver that adds positional data to log records showing not only how the range operator was working, but also where CAT was used. All CAT4 units provide Radiodetection a comprehensive assessment of the unit’s hardware and software using an internet connection.
demand1 on the calibration certificate. 1 Detailed purchase may be required.

Easy to use and introduction

CAT4 and Genny4 were first introduced by Radiodetection in the mid 1980s and are designed to maintain the familiar CAT operating interface and offer complete reverse-compatibility. For example, all Genny3 accessories are compatible with Genny4.
Radiodetection provides comprehensive training options for operators, managers and educators to promote best working practices, and supports their management in charge of Cable Avoidance. For more information, please contact your local office or its representative.

Data Collection / Diary

On-board memory allows data2 on eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series products to be stored for one year’s worth. This data can be backed up to a PC at any time, giving virtually unlimited record-keeping for the life of the product. The collected data can be analyzed, locally or remotely, to help ensure compliance and identify training needs.

Logging factors are:

* Genny / Power / Radio signal strength
* Date and time of the survey
* StrikeAlert / Swing alert states on ground3 Speed
* Location of the survey (Latitude / Longitude) 3
* Bargraph reading
* Sensitivity control setting
* Depth measurements made
* Battery status
* Last / next calibration date
* Dynamic Overload Protection / signal overload
* Angle of Use
* Satellites Received3 n number
* Sound condition

8 hours a day use, based on 5 days a week 2
3 gC.A.T4 models

eCert – Remote calibration verification
eCert remote calibration tests part of the annual service regime It offers an innovative calibration option aimed at. Active through the CAT Manager PC software, the key insertion circuitry in eCert CAT4 provides fast comprehensive and convenient testing and verifies the results against the original factory calibration using an internet connection to Radiodetection. After passing an eCert test, a Radiodetection calibration Certificate of this CAT4 can be printed or saved. For a complete care package, Radiodetection also offers detailed
Factory-backed service and recalibration options, including full mechanical integrity inspection and function tests.

CAT 4 RADIODETECTION Detecting Small Cable Locating

Simultaneous dual-frequency and simple, intuitive methods helping CAT4 and Genny4 users to locate Small Diameter cables such as twisted pair of telecoms, CATV has historically been difficult to locate spurs and drop-off feeds, and to risk a common strike.
Indication and CALSAFE ™ due to service
Annual service and calibration is key to ensuring CAT operators are safe and their equipment can operate safely. To support this, the eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models provide a 31-day service due countdown alert at start-up. CALSafe – can be set to comply with individual company policies to automatically deactivate active units above the end of the defined calibration interval. The required interval between services can be customized using anything for up to a year using CAT Manager software.


Radiodetection CATS is designed to respond extremely quickly to equalize small detectable underground signals. Radiodetection’s research into underground signal detection has shown that an operator’s ability to identify these buried programs is directly affected by careless work practices such as excessive or rapid swinging. It is also equipped with Sensors to reduce utility strike risks, such as eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models detect misuse and also alert the user with a warning stored in the data log.


Avoidance Mode speeds up the pre-excavation scanning process by calling Radio, Power, and Genny signals at the same time. CAT4 Avoidance Mode operators quickly identify the buried program and offers completely control responses, allowing for trace across an area. Real Sound enables operators to distinguish individual signals and programs, maximizing find speed while maintaining sound security.


CAT4 discovery is powered by the dedicated CAT Manager program. This Windows® PC application allows plant, fleet and site managers to quickly perform an eCert test, upgrade CAT4, use data4
Map systems as software or export data logs to files in KML, CSV or XLS format. To match your preferences work, you can disable CAT Manager or enable CAT4 features such as depth estimation and alerts.
User editable fields allow plant / fleet codes and other details to be stored in the unit, simplifying records and traceability. 4 eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models are derived from the


CAT4 detecting audio signals emitted by the signals. Both Radio, Power and Genny signals can be easily distinguished from each other and from background noise, helping to detect from target vehicles and help differentiate from closely cooperating vehicles.
Genny4 signal increase
In addition to the familiar standard power mode, Genny4 provides the Signal Boost feature that boosts the output signal by up to a factor of 10, enabling operators to find deep programs and over great distances.



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