Makro CF77 Coin Finder Treasure Gold Metal Detector

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CF77 Coin Finder Pro. Package Included

1 – Armrest Cover
2 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 28 × 28 cm (C28) and Cover
3 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 45 × 39 cm (C45) and Cover
4 – Battery Box (comes with 8 AA Alkaline batteries)
5 – Battery Case Cover
6 – Headset
7 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 23 × 23 cm (C23) and Cover
8 – User Manual, Warranty Certificate and DVD
9 – Carrying Bag



Unlike many detectors with its superior technology, Makro CF77 Coin Finder Gold Detector, CF77 Coin Finder, Nokta Detector, Gold Detector, Nokta Gold Detector, Gold Detector detector. Providing stable and deep search opportunities even in difficult ground conditions, gold found in lands that you could not work before. It allows you to find coins, jewelery, precious jewelery and relics. The Production of Nokta Detector Products is Guaranteed by the Company for 2 Years.


Nokta Detector With its speed, depth and stable search features, it allows you to easily reach targets at depths that you cannot reach with any detector in its category. CF77 detector with all these features, deep-search detectors by the detection of the target could not be discovered in the area where the search with other devices, offers you new search fields.

Nokta Detector SEARCH COILS

CF77 detector is waterproof, lightweight and provides easy movement in narrow areas, 23 cm. It has 3 different DD searchcoils, measuring 28 cm and 45 cm. In this way, it allows you to continue your searches without any problems by choosing the appropriate head for rocky areas, dense mineralized grounds, plowed fields, beach and waste metal fields. Nokta Detector It also provides faster and deeper scanning of large areas with its deep search head.

Nokta Detector CF77 Coin Finder Gold Detector


CF77 detector is waterproof, penetrates all kinds of floors very easily. It has 3 different DD search coils, measuring 23 cm – 28 cm and 45 cm, providing easy movement in light and narrow areas. In this way, you can search for rocky areas, dense mineralized grounds, plowed fields, beaches and waste metal lands by choosing the appropriate title. It allows you to continue smoothly. In addition, it provides faster and deeper scanning of large areas with its deep search head.


The CF77 detector can reach unmatched depths without metal discrimination, as well as valuable for its superior metal separation ability. It helps you easily distinguish gold and iron-type metals with 3 different tones, preventing you from scraping unwanted metals in vain.


CF77 detector allows you to not hear the iron sound coming from the ground in highly mineralized areas with its iron sound on / off feature. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to search only precious metals by completely muting the ferrous metals.

Makro CF77 Coin Finder Gold Detector EASY TO USE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN

Makro CF77 detector functional structure, ease of use and ergonomic design. It is a user-friendly metal detector that appeals to all users at new, intermediate and professional levels that does not tire the user in long-term searches and does not waste time with extra settings.

Nokta Detector CF77 Coin Finder Gold Detector LONG BATTERY LIFE

With 8 AA Alkaline batteries, the macro CF77 detector provides a stress-free call by eliminating the charging problem on your calls all day long and never interrupts your calls.


With its GENERAL section, the Makro CF77 detector provides the opportunity to search without discrimination and at maximum depth. With MOD 1 and MOD 2 sections, it eliminates the difficulty of target detection that occurs in highly mineralized grounds and provides you with the opportunity of differential and stable search, allowing you to make pleasant and trouble-free searches.

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