CONRAD GR-2 Gradiometre

CONRAD GR-2 Gradiometer Underground Imaging Device 3D Imaging Tablets Underground Imaging System Reviews, Prices, Features.

3D Underground Imaging Working with Mobile Phone and Tablet – Conrad GR2 Underground Imaging Device

  • New generation underground imaging system
  • It has been specially developed for deep searches. It has the ability to easily detect targets at depths that other systems cannot reach, in any environment.
  • It facilitates work in field conditions with its wireless compact design.
  • You can detect metallic objects, cavities, tunnels and structures underground.

Conrad GR2 Underground Imaging Device Features

  • Maximum 5 mt Depth
  • Operating frequency from 10uT to 500uT
  • 10 bit ADC Resolution
  • Wireless compact design
  • Micro USB 5 V operating voltage
  • 3D Ground Monitoring Software Android and Windows operating system compatible
  • Voxler and Surfer operation support
  • Device processor; 128 Mhz

Conrad Underground Views

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CONRAD GR -2  GRADIOMETER NEW PRODUCT. 3D underground imaging feature. Working with Mobile Phone and Tablet. NEW PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT.

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