Deep Eye Long Range Locator

Deep Eye Long Range Locator


The underground imaging device gives the DEEP EYES user the shape, depth and size of the object detected under the ground as a 3D graphic image in the computer program.

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Deep Eye USA production is the world’s longest range scanning and underground imaging specialist in water, space, grave, treasure detection.

  • First Device Name: DEEP EYE
  • Of course Brand : DMS ELECTRONIC
  • Moreover, Research System: 5 Systems including Imaging, Sensor and Field Scanning and IR Systems
  • Underground Exploration Depth: 15 Meters
  • Area Scanning: Searches 1Km Diameter and 25 Meters Depth
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Country of manufacture : USA

Briefly, Deep Search, Metal and Gold, Water, Space, Burial Chamber, Underground Resources Exploration Expert!

Deep Eye is a US-made device and has been the world’s longest-range field scanning and underground imaging device since its launch. In fact, according to research, it has outstripped the best search sensors and magnetic field scanning detection systems.

Thus, Deep Eye uses sensor system, ionic system, magnetic system. It even works according to five different search systems, namely the imaging system and the gap detection system.

Discover The Most Important Features of Deep Eye

Moreover, the Device is designed to operate in a variety of challenging terrains. Such as rocky terrain and high mineralization with dredging technologies. It even allows it to penetrate the rock to reveal deeper targets. Thus, it is this feature that makes it the best device in this field.

Of course, he first searches for gold, diamonds, precious stones, buried treasures, ancient monuments, tombs, archaeological caves and entire underground vaults. Because every treasure or mine researcher makes his job easier with a professional device.

Deep Eye offers five integrated systems for the prospecting of precious metals. You can get everything buried there.

Primarily Long Range Sensor Search System: This search system is suitable for locating various metal targets. In short, underground material exploration depth is 15 meters, and field scanning depth is up to 1 km. According to the size of the material it is looking for, the scanning capacity is 25 meters.

Select What You Are Looking For From the Target Type List Let Deep Eye Start Working !

  • His
  • Metal
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Coin
  • Tomb
  • Room
  • Precious stone
  • Space
  • and Everything Embedded

Deep Eye Ionic Search System

Often, this system searches for ionic sites with long-buried metal objects, such as gold treasures.

Deep Search Device 3D Imaging System

Initially, the system was designed to scan underground. ” The device is equipped with a special sensor that must be connected to the front of the main control. In particular, this unit is used to perform three-dimensional scanning of the ground.

Magnetic System : This system searches for magnetic (precious-non-precious) metals such as iron and precious metals.

Long Range Cavity Detection System : Briefly, this system scans underground spaces using special magnetic signals. So it shows the signal strength on the Sensor screen. In other words, it can measure the density with instant live shooting. The indicator mode is used to detect various objects. Finally, Tunnels, catacombs, tombs, various cavities, etc. The best area for scanning and underground imaging system.


  1. Ionic Sensor
  2. IR Sensor
  3. Magnetic Sensor
  4. TX – RX – LRL Antenna
  5. Long Range Locator
  6. 1 Piece Tablet
  7. Main Unit
  8. Battery and Backup Battery
  9. Apparatus Cables
  10. Comes With Steel Protection Bag




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