DRS Elektronik ARS Resistivity Underground Imaging Device

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DRS Elektronik ARS Resistivity Underground Imaging Device


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DRS Elektronik ARS Resistivity Underground Imaging Device reviews, prices, information platform about the most up-to-date product descriptions …

Our ARS Resistivity device is designed to achieve all targets that seem impossible under the ground.

With its metal discrimination feature, you can determine exactly which metal the targets are (Gold, Copper, Silver, Iron), as well as detection of gold veins and precious minerals, and the detection of cavities, graves, caves, tumuli and entrances to these areas.

  1. In addition to all these, it can be calibrated for water calls if desired.
  2. Thanks to the analysis of the high electric current it sends under the ground by means of metal probes, it makes all its determinations in the light of scientific facts.
  3. This technique is also used effectively in archaeological studies and structural studies.
  4. Our ARS Resistivity device analyzes the area under which the research is made up to a depth of 200 meters thanks to the analysis of the electric currents it sends via 2, 4, 8 and 32 probes, and simultaneously displays the results of detailed analysis on whether there is Water, Cavity, Mineral or Metal under this area. offers to its user.
    Searches can be made with at least two probes.
  5. The device placed in the middle of the probes used provides analysis of a depth equal to half the cable length of the probes.
    Therefore, the length of the cable used is also important and optional.
  6. For example, if you place two probes 6 meters from the control box and search (means 12 meters cable), this will allow you to search up to 6 meters deep and analyze the results.
  7. If desired, a much larger area can be analyzed at the same depth by using 4 probes at this distance.

DRS Underground Imaging Device Additional Features

  1. Our standard ARS package consists of 4 probes and 10 meters long cables.
  2. This means that you can reach a depth of 10 meters with our standard package.
  3. ARS works with 110 V battery. Most of the devices shown as equivalent in the market work with a 1.5 V battery.
  4. That’s why ARS can reach incredible depths compared to other devices and provides great convenience to its user with excellent analysis.
  5. ARS analyzes the electrical currents it sends under the ground and gives perfect results regarding the size and depth of the metal / mineral treasure location.
  6. ARS analyzes the line between the probes and presents the result on the screen of the device.
  7. But it also offers you the opportunity to analyze 3D images by transferring the results to the Tablet computer provided with the device.
  8. If desired, information can be transferred to other devices. ARS offers you a technology very different from all other devices.
  9. It is the perfect complement to GPR and Metal detector users, which is why it is also combined with our Pro Radar X4 and X5 devices and presented as a set.
  10. Why Should I Choose ARS Resistivity?
  11. Because it is capable of searching at very high depths and with perfect metal discrimination (Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron) in your searches, it has the perfect detection capability of gold veins, cavities, grave chambers, tumuli and, if desired, water,
  12. Since you can reach the final results instantly on your screen,
  13. Since you can analyze 3D images by transferring instant results to your tablet or other computers,
  14. Since you can use the device in 5 languages,
  15. For ease of use,
  16. Since you can control the device remotely with Bluetooth technology,
  17. As you can optionally increase the search area and depth with 2, 4, 8 and 32 probe options.

DRS ARS Resistivity Device Package Includes:

  • Control box
  • 4 prop
  • 4 10-meter cables
  • Joystik
  • Tablet PC with Windows system
  • 110 Volt high energy battery
  • 3D imaging system
  • 5 language options English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish –
  • Transport box
  • 2-year warranty package




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