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Area Scanning Devices

Field Scanning Devices are high-tech devices used to find objects under the ground. It enables mines and water deposits to be easily detected from meters away. Usage areas are quite wide according to product models. It is generally used to detect the direction of gold, silver or other precious metals in treasure searches carried out in large areas. It tells the person the direction of the target through its antennas. Thanks to the signals it gives when it is found, you can easily find your target even if you are searching in a wide area. Field scanning device antennas are used not only for direction determination but also for depth measurement. In this way, you can easily determine where and how many meters deep your target is.

Features of Field Scanning Devices

Field scanning works with an electromagnetic sensing system. As the duration of the objects under the ground increases, the frequency they emit to the environment increases at the same rate. Field scan devices or field scan bars are used to find these valuable objects whose frequencies are strengthened . It is used to locate mineral deposits, precious stones, water or voids in a wide area of ​​exploration. It determines the locations of mines that are under the ground for a long time at a depth of meters, thanks to its advanced antennas.

The original identity of the mines in nature; the frequencies and magnetic field emitted to the environment. The main feature of the field scanning device is that it can detect the direction and depth of these frequencies thanks to the enhanced field scanning bar (antennas) that make electromagnetic detection . There is a frequency that underground gold, copper, silver, bronze or precious stones, cavities such as cellars and tunnels emit underground. For this reason, field scanning devices allow you to easily detect the direction of these frequencies.

Usage Areas of Field Scanning Devices

It is not possible to encounter clues in areas where treasure is sought. There are many examples of treasures found under old buildings, deep in mountains and valleys, and buried in cemeteries. One of the most effective methods used in such cases is searching with bars. Thanks to the field scanning antenna orientation, the target can be found easily when moving towards the indicated area.

The usage areas of field scanning devices are quite wide. It has been hidden in the depths of the ground since the past; Finding silver, copper, gold, coins, bronze, money or valuable items. It is used effectively in treasure hunting thanks to its high quality sticks.

Area Scanning Device Models

The best area scanning device models according to your area of ​​use are available on our site. These;

  • Britbe Detectors
  • Treasure Finding Rods Company
  • Conrad
  • Ger Detect
  • Mega Detection
  • Ajax
  • Biotara
  • BR Detector
  • Gold Dedectors
  • OKM
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