Fisher F70 Treasure Gold Detector DD Header For Sale

For sale Fisher F70 Treasure Gold Detector DD Headed Metal Search Detector .

  • 11 ″ DD header
  • 15 ″ DD header
  • Rain cover for Main Unit
  • Rain cover for armrest
  • FISHER hat
  • Green camouflage backpack
  • Camouflage belt bag

Fisher F70 Advanced Audio & Visual Target-Definition Metal Detector

F70 Has Many Great Features. Can Be Used For Coins Finding, Relic Searching, Gold Search & More. Powerful Performance

  • Metal Only Auto-Tuning Mode
  • Large LCD Display with 0-99 Numerical Target Identification Display
  • Frequency Change
  • Multiple Voice Recognition Options
  • One Touch Markup
  • One Click Static Pinpointing and Variable Tone and Depth Reading
  • Advanced Software Based Motion Discrimination
  • Convenient User Interface


Upgrade to 11 ”DD Dual Axis Coil

  1. Increasing Depth
  2. Better Target Separation
  3. Wide Projection: Covering a Wider Area Faster
  4. Better Performance in Mineral Soils
  5. Ideal for European Treasure Search Conditions

Recommended For Coins Finding, Relic Searching, Beach Searching, Gold Search. 

Recommended for use:

  • Single coin detection search –  single coin detector
  • Gold search detector for treasure detection 
  • Metal search detector for residue detection 
  • Underwater gold search detector because it is  waterproof

Product Features of Fisher F70 Treasure Detector for Sale

• It is light and balanced.
• The user interface is configured as a menu.
• It has a large LCD screen.
• Important values ​​are indicated by visual symbols; for example; Target Identification, Target Confidence, Target Depth at Exact Pinpoint
Position , Ground mineralization (Contamination indicator) • Two Search Modes: Differentiation, Auto-Tuning
• GroundGrab ™ touch panel ground balancing
• Watertight 9 3/4 ”open coil concentric elliptical search coil
• Touch panel activated, variable volume adjustable target identification
• Adjustable Arm Support
• Notch and differentiation controls
• Two accessible user-programmed memory settings

Fisher F70 Treasure Gold Detector For Sale – Arm Support Adjustment

The Armrest can be moved forward or backward by removing a single screw and nut, and then the 2-piece Armrest can be moved around. The arm support can be more comfortable with the arms slid forward for short users.

To take back the arm support, the plastic plug must be removed from the aluminum tube. Arm Rest Belt (optional accessory) Armrest Strap accessory can be purchased separately.

Some users prefer to use a strap so that it can hold the sensor against the arm during rapid movement of the sensor.
The sensor can be used easily without any belt, without any deterioration in the balance of the sensor.