The fisher f11 is a no joke coin and jewelry finding machine which paid for itself the first 7days of use by finding a 14k 2ct Morganite with 6 pink Sapphires.

Used as a Water Proof Vlf Fisher F11 Treasure Detector for sale. Check out for product descriptions, reviews, prices about the device …

Delivered with waterproof detection cap.

Product Description of Fisher F11 Treasure Detector for Sale

Fisher F11 Metal Detector is the first detector of Fisher company’s latest F Series. F11 is very low priced and suitable for all pouches. This feature-packed detector exhibits an advanced level of performance in terms of easy use. You will also have fun while discovering treasure.

The F11 detector has 3 operating modes: Treasure, Coin, Historical Relic modes. It also has a 9-Visual Segment Target Detection feature that allows you to separate trash from the treasure before you start digging. With its 3-tone Speech Recognition feature, the Fisher F11 sends three different target sounds, allowing you to detect like a professional without time constraints.

Technical Specifications of Fisher F11 Treasure Detector for Sale:

  • 9 – Visual Target Detection in different sections
  • 4- Voice Detection in different tones
  • Point target Detection
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Adjustable Metal Density in 6 different levels
  • Powered by one 9 Volt Battery (battery)
  • It is very lightweight and only 2.3 lbs (1.00 kg) with the 9-Volt battery (battery).
  • Waterproof 7-inch concentric Elliptical Search Head
  • 7.69 kHz Operating Frequency

Recommended for use:

  • Single coin detection search – single coin detector
  • Gold search detector for treasure detection
  • Metal search detector for residue detection
  • Underwater gold search detector because it is waterproof

Fisher Metal Detector

Fisher Metal Detectors  is the world’s oldest metal detector manufacturer. Dr. Founded by Gerhard Fisher in 1931, they manufacture some of the most reliable products on the market today.

Fisher has improved its technology over the years by creating award-winning metal detectors like the Fisher F75. If you ask the professionals, their detectors have been proven to outperform their top counterparts in the field.

Fisher continues to rise from entry level to seasoned metal detectors, identifying the things that matter most to their customers.

Focusing their research on engineering advanced circuitry to design comfortable ergonomics, Fisher products will want to rock all day long. Get a Fisher today and start your treasure hunt!

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