Fisher F4 Treasure Metal Detector

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Fisher F4 Treasure Metal Detector


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The F4 offers several ways to identify your target. The detector’s 11-segment visual target ID makes it easy to differentiate trash from treasure, so you won’t.

12 adet stokta


The F4 offers several ways to identify your target. The detector’s 11-segment visual target ID makes it easy to differentiate trash from treasure, so you won’t.

Fisher F4 Treasure Detector DD Hood

Fisher F4 Treasure Detector is known as the best detector used in Gold, Metal, Treasure search. Features, prices and current comments of the device …

Fisher F4 Audio & Visual Target Identification Metal Detector

Great Multi Purpose Detector

  • High, Deep Search Volume Adjustment with Manual Ground Balance
  • Visual Target Definition by Category
  • 0-99 Numerical Reading
  • 11 Segment Digital Target Identification
  • 4 Tone Voice Identification
  • One Touch Markup
  • Digital Depth Reading with One Touch Pinpointing
  • 11 ”Biaxial Search Coil

It is used as a Precious Metal Search Detector to Find Coins .

It is used as a Precious Gold, Metal Search Detector in Relic Searching .

Beach Search – It is used as an Underwater Gold Search Detector thanks to its waterproof feature . 

It is known as the best treasure search detector because it is used in finding gold . 

The following definitions are used within the scope of the handbook, and these are the standard terminology among treasure hunters.

Subjecting a metal to “elimination” means that when a particular object passes over the detection field of the search coil, the detector does not produce a tone or signal.

When the Fisher Detector emits different tones for different types of metals and the detector “eliminates” certain metals, then we use the term detector “discriminates” between different types of metals.

Separation is an essential feature for professional metal detectors. Separation allows the user to ignore trash or other unwanted objects.

Fisher F4 Treasure Detector OLD WORKS FINDING

An ancient artifact is an object of interest due to its age or its connection with the past. Most of the antiquities are made of iron, but can also be made of bronze or precious metals.


Iron is a low-grade metal that is an undesirable target in some metal detecting applications. Examples of undesirable iron objects include old cans, pipes, bolts and nails. It has the feature that distinguishes it.

In some cases, the desired target is produced from iron. For example, building markings contain iron. Valuable antiquities may also contain iron; cannon shells, old weapons, and parts of old structures and vehicles may also contain iron.


Metals made of or containing ferrous metals.


Precise determination is the process of precisely locating an buried object. Long and buried metals appear to the eye exactly like the soil around them, and therefore it is very difficult to distinguish them from the soil.


The opening rings of the discarded beverage cans are indeed a problem for treasure hunters. These can be of various shapes and sizes. Pull rings can be excluded from the detection, but some other valuable objects may also have a magnetic signature similar to the pull tab.

When the pull tabs are separated, they are likewise non-sensing.

Fisher F4 Treasure Detector GROUND BALANCE

Ground Balance is the detector’s ability to ignore or “spot through” minerals found naturally in the earth, producing a tone only when a metal object is detected. Gold Bug includes special circuitry and program to exclude spurious signals caused by harsh ground conditions.




Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 10 kg
Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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