Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

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Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector


23 adet stokta

23 adet stokta


The Gold Bug family has revolutionized gold prospecting with new prospecting tools, Target-ID, incredible depth and all at an affordable price! Its fast retune speed …  Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP CC (5″ DD ve 11″ DD Başlıklı) VLF

Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP CC (5 ″ DD and 11 ″ DD Coil) VLF

Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP CC (5 ″ DD and 11 ″ DD Headed) VLF – Fisher Detector, Gold Search, Metal Search Detector prices, review for reviews… Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector – Fisher Detector , Gold Search, Metal Search Detector features Check out for prices, reviews…

Gold Bug DP CC is an ideal detector for gold and coin detection in difficult soil conditions thanks to its automatic and manual ground balancing feature with 5 ”and 11” headed large LCD screen

  1. With 5 ”and 11” Heads!
  2. Outstanding Gold Detection and Treasure Hunt Performance
  3. Incredible Sensitivity to Small Gold Bars
  4. High Performance Gold / Relic Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro FEATURES

  • Automatic target detection sound in metal only and discrimination mode
  • V-BreakTM The industry’s first variable waypoint tone discrimination system
  • Real-time computer-assisted automatic ground balance
  • Continuous ground condition reading
  • Double headphone jack
  • Depth indicator with static pinpointing
  • Working frequency: 19 kHz
  • Extremely convenient and easy screen
  • Extremely light (1.1 kg.)
  • Multi-purpose device with excellent gold detecting capability
  • Salt-rich soil setting
  • 11 ”DD elliptical, waterproof, deep-range searchcoil
  • Unmatched target separation in iron trash
  • V-Break TM; The industry’s first variable waypoint audio discrimination system
  • Computerized ground grabTM
  • Real-time computer ground balance
  • Independent threshold and gain control
  • Ground phase showing minerality type
  • Fe3O4 chart shows mineral content
  • Static pinpointing with depth indicator

Recommended for detecting gold nuggets, relics and coins.

Gold Search Detector

Fisher was the first manufacturer to supply metal detectors to all countries)) Fisher Pro-Arc and Fisher Pro-Tech .

Fisher Pro Detector- Metal Search Detector – Gold Search Detector

The Armrest can be moved forward or backward by removing a single screw and nut, and then the 2-piece Armrest can be moved around. The arm support can be more comfortable with the arms slid forward for short users.

To take back the arm support, the plastic plug must be removed from the aluminum tube. Arm Rest Belt (optional accessory) Armrest Strap accessory can be purchased separately.



Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1.1 kg
Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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