Garrett Ace 200i (6.5 × 9 ″ Performance Coil) VLF Detector

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ACE ™ 200i Metal Detector

Parts included in the package:

16.5 x 23cm (6.5 ″ x 9 ″) PROformance ™ submersible searchcoil (as shown in the picture)

With the quality and performance of the ACE 200i, you will be able to start finding treasure right away.

Easy to use for everyone!

It has the underground Target Identification Feature and Search Options / Metal Separation feature, which has been revised according to the needs of all treasure hunters and detector users.

Garrett Ace 200i General Features

  • Digital Target Identification, from 0 to 99
  • Latch lock feature
  • 5 kinds of Target Identification Setting
  • Iron Separation Feature
  • 3 Types of Search Options
  • Sensitivity / Depth Settings 4 types
  • Frekans 6.5 kHz
  • Audible Warning Level 3 kinds
  • Standard Searchcoil 16.5 x 23cm (6.5 “x 9”) Proformance ™
  • Length (growing) 1.06m – 1.29m (42 “to 51”)
  • Total Weight 1.27 kg. (2.75 lbs.)
  • Batteries are 4 AA
  • Warranty 2 Years warranty; (labor and backup is limited)


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Garrett Ace 200i Metal Detector

Package Included:

With the quality and goals of the 16.5 x 23 cm (6.5 “x 9”) PRO formance ™ ACI 200i, it will immediately begin to find treasure in your own garden or hotel.

Easy to use for all ages! Metal Detector Best

International calling search has better target explained and includes Target / description / Mode / Discrimination patterns.

Garrett Ace 200i (6.5 × 9 ″ Performance Coil) VLF Detector

Garrett Ace 200i (6.5 × 9 ″ Performance Coil) VLF Detector

Garrett Detector Ace 200i Technical Specifications

  • Digital Target ID: Scale from 0 to 99 provides target information.
  • Camlocks for more safety stability
  • Includes Pulse Width Modulation sound: clearer, more responsive sound
  • With big performance for a small price
  • Three Search Modes
  • Four Sensitivity settings
  • Coin Depth Indicator

Garrett Detector Ace 200i Recommend – Coin Hunting, Dry Beach / Freshwater Hunting

– Jewelery Hunting, Ancient Hunt, Competition Events

Digital Target ID YES, scale 0-99
Because the Camlocks YES
Target ID Cursor Segments 5
Iron discrimination divisions 1
Notch Discrimination NO
Search Modes 3
Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments 4
Electronic Detection NO
frequency 6.5 kHz
Tone ID Levels 3
Standard searchcoil 16,5 x 23 cm (6,5 “x 9”) PROformance ™
length 1,016 m – 1,3462 m (40 “ila 53”)
Total weight 1,27 kg. (2.75 lbs.)
Pills 4 AA (doing)
Warranty 2 Years, Limited Parts / Labor

Garrett Ace 200i Metal Detector Features

  • Garett Ace 200i with digital target recognition feature.
  • To be able to make new latch locks, to ensure that the success is more stable.
  • It has a sharper and more sensitive sound system where it detects the product under the ground with the signal sound.
  • Adjust the sensitivity setting to your liking.
  • Construction with depth indicator.
  • It is recommended to search for money buried in the location of the Garett Ace 200i , in the ground or in the water.
  • It is among the preferred detectors with its affordable price, superior target and ease of use . Contact Now… ..