GARRETT ACE 250 (with 6.5 × 9 ″ PERFORMANCE Coil) Updated Information on VLF Detector Reviews, Features, Specifications and Prices

  • Electronic Point Target Detection: To precisely locate the metal target and quickly identify the detected target
  • Metal Discrimination on / off: to set discrimination options
  • 5 Search Modes: Choose from preset decomposition options or create your own decomposition option
  • Permanent Coin Depth Indicator: To find the depth of a metal target
  • Battery Status Indicator: Shows the continuous battery status.
  • Interchangeable ACE series searchcoils: available
  • Expanded Target ID: Easy to read on large LCD display
  • Button Control: One touch
  • Other features: 3-piece travel / storage, disassembled 24 ″; adjustable armrest cuff; 1/4 ″ headphone jack.
  • Search Modes (Discrimination Options): 5 + electronic pinpoint target detection
  • All Metals (Zero)
  • Gem
  • Hazine – Garrett ACE 250
  • Residue
  • Change
  • Point target detection

Pinpoint target detection with the Garrett ACE 250

  • It is very important to be able to pinpoint targets during search and it is an easy technique to learn.
  • Knowing how to pinpoint accurately is like the difference between digging a 20cm hole and a 5cm hole.
  • Using pinpoint detection mode on the ACE 250

The Garrett ACE 250 has an electronic Pinpoint Detection button to help pinpoint more accurately. This mode is simple to use. When a target is detected, hold the searchcoil near the target’s location. Now hold down the pinpoint button and slowly swing the searchcoil over the target from left to right and then back and forth. If the target is directly under the searchcoil as shown, maximum volume will be heard.

In addition, the upper scale on the LCD gives a strong signal while electronic Point Target Detection is performed. The center of the searchcoil is directly above the target underground when the largest number of LCD segments (increasing from left to right on the scale) is seen.

Note: Keeping the searchcoil above the ground while pinpointing allows you to make sure that the distance between the coil and the ground is constant. In this case, the distance is zero. If the terrain doesn’t allow for this type of thing, try to establish a fixed distance between the coil and the ground.