Garrett Ace 400i

Garrett Ace 400i


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Garrett Ace 400i

GARRETT ACE 400i (with 8.5 × 11 ″ DD Coil) VLF Detector – Deep Detector, Garrett Detector, Reviews, Features, Prices …

25 adet stokta


Garrett Ace 400i (8.5 × 11 ″ DD Coil) VLF Detector – Deep Detector, Garrett Detector, Reviews, Features, Prices …

  • NEW iron sound: Allows the user to hear discernible iron targets and change the medium signal level.
  • Garrett Ace 400i – Digital target ID: 0-99 and gives the target type.
  • Garrett Ace 400i – provides better sensitivity for high frequency (10 kHz) low and medium conductive targets (like gold, lead)
  • NEW adjustable frequency prevents interference.
  • NEW latch locks keep the body of the device more stable.
  • NEW signal intermittent sound: Provides sharper and more sensitive warning sound.
  • The 8.5 ” x 11 ” (22×28 cm) PROformance submersible DD searchcoil provides excellent detection, greater coverage and depth.
  • Increased Iron Resolution: The ACE 250’s Triple Iron Resolution feature helps you separate precious metals from unwanted iron targets near them.
  • Electronic Point target detection: Provides precise and fast target detection.
  • Discrimination Level: Change the discrimination level to detect only the desired target.
  • 5 Search Mode + pinpoint target detection
  • Eight (8) sensitivity / depth settings
  • The depth indicator determines the depth of the target.
  • It shows the identity of the new target to meet the needs of all users in the world and includes mode / decomposition options accordingly.
  • It is highly recommended to use coins, treasures, jewelery, ancient artifacts, contests, beach / freshwater.
  • It is also recommended for burial, mine dredging, derelict land.

Garrett Ace 400i Specifications

  • Digital Target ID Identification-YES, from 0 to 99
  • Iron Audio Feature – YES
  • Adjustable Frequency – YES
  • Latch Lock Feature – YES
  • Target ID Setting – 12 types
  • Iron Discrimination Segments – 6 types
  • Discrimination level – YES
  • Search Modes – 5+ pinpoint target detection
  • Sensitivity / Depth Settings- 8
  • Electronic pinpoint detection – YES
  • Frekans-10 kHz
  •  Automatic sound levels -3 kinds
  • Standard searchcoil -8.5 ” x 11 ” DD PROformance
  • Length (Adjustable) -42 ” – 51 ” (1.06 m-1.29 m)
  • Total Weight -2.9 lbs (1.32 kg)
  • Batteries – has 4AA
  • Warranty – 2 years Warranty (labor and spare parts are limited)


Informative Text To Know Before Buying A Detector For All Our Products

In addition to being an enjoyable hobby, searching for gold in treasure hunting involves some technical issues. If you are going to buy a device to search for treasure; Ask your dealer about the warranty status of the detector brand you are going to buy.

Then, when you determine your own search area of ​​the detector you will buy, get information about its suitability for the land or region conditions. Do not buy a detector without researching depth.

In today’s technology, every detector has features of depth, durability and ease of use. For deep searches, primarily underground imaging devices should be provided, not detectors .

If you are using any  underground imaging device or field scanning device , you should definitely use a treasure detector, gold detector or metal detector for the separation of the precious metal you are looking for .

Because underground imaging devices are used to detect rooms, cellars, voids or water areas; The detector is used to detect the precious metal inside. The most preferred detectors in treasure hunting are surface search detectors. Deep Search Detector is mainly used to find deeper treasures. Do not decide on your Deep Detector preferences without consulting us. Our expert engineers will recommend you the best detector . Detector for sale or rent detector in the right place you are looking for.



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Ağırlık 2 kg
Boyutlar 2.5 × 250 × 55 cm


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