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Garrett At Gold – Key Features

  • ALL-METAL MODE: An accurate All-Metal mode provides the deepest detection with high sensitivity for the smallest precious metals.
  • GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS OF THE UNDERGROUND TARGET: It shows the conductivity of the target under the ground and the metal separation status of the detector.
  • ALL REGION: Designed for wet, damp and dusty terrain. Its water-resistant construction can go down to 10-foot (3m) depths in water.
  • DIGITAL TARGETING: Scale from 0 to 99; It distinguishes precious / non-precious targets by measuring the conductivity of targets under the ground.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION IRON DISCRIMINATION : There are 44 points in the iron discrimination — controlled by the keys, and numerical data appear on the LCD to separate the precious metal target from the precious metal target.
  • ADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD: Allows manual adjustment of the signal tone (continuous tone in the background) to more accurately detect targets under the ground.
  • PRO MODE SOUND: Regular audio response and Tone Tone features provide more information about the precious metal target.
  • IRON SOUND ™: It helps the user to hear the discriminated iron target and to recognize problematic flat iron objects such as bottle caps and trash.
  • ALL-METAL IRON SOUND ™: This Garrett-exclusive feature allows the user to audibly discern iron objects even when using the device in the True All Metal Mode.
  • GROUND BALANCE (MANUAL): Allows the user to manually adjust the detector’s ground balance to reduce the harmful effects of ground mineralization.
  • GROUND BALANCE SCREEN ™: This Garrett-exclusive feature allows the user to use the ground balance by spreading it to reduce the effect of invisible soil changes.
  • QUICK SCAN ™ GROUND BALANCE: This automatic feature allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized ground conditions.
  • ELECTRONIC POINT DETECTION: This non-moving All-Metal Mode is used to pinpoint the metal target underground.
  • ONE-CLICK EASY TREASURE HUNT: With a single touch, your metal detector turns on; automatic reset to factory settings (or the setting you made); and your device is now ready to search!
  • Depth Indicator: Continuously displays depth on coin-like metal targets.
  • Battery Status Indicator: It shows the battery status continuously.
  • Search Mode: 3 + electronic pinpoint
  • Accurate All Metal, Metal Separation 1, Metal Separation 2
  • Electronic Point Detection

Includes an 18 kHz frequency for advanced detection of metal targets underground, such as precious small gold nuggets, jewelery, treasures, coins and relics.