WATERPROOF TO 10 FEET OR 3 METERS Ideal for use in both fresh and saltwater AT Pro will ground balance to saltwater. Includes NEW Garrett MS-2 …

Garrett At Pro Detector

Garrett Detector

Garrett At Pro International (8.5 × 11 ″ DD Coil) VLF Detector – Current Information on Garrett Detector Reviews, Prices, Features …

Produced with Garrett ‘s new and special technology, this versatile treasure detector provides ideal results in the detection of coins, historical remains, burials, treasures and even gold nuggets. You can use any of the standard or professional search options with the advanced voice warning system

Garrett At Pro Detector Features

Included in the package:

  1. Garrett At Pro 8.5 ″ x 11 ″ PROformance ™ DD submersible searchcoil (caption in picture)
  2. Premium volume control in field headsets (submersible headphones sold separately).
  3. Basic Features
  4. Garrett At Pro Pro Mode Sound ™: Proportional and repetitive Beep Sound ™ features help the user identify the underground genus as if the device was in True All-Metal mode.
  5. High Resolution Iron Discrimination ™: Set the iron discrimination level from 1 to 40 with a single button to separate precious metals from trash.
  6. Digital Target Identification: Advanced Target Identification from 0 to 99 allows you to discriminate the conductivity of targets under the ground.
  7. Garrett Horse Pro Iron Sound ™: Helps the user hear the discriminated worthless iron target and change the detector’s mid-tone signal range.
  8. Identifying the Target Correctly: It provides a great advantage for separating precious metals from trash.
  9. Variability of land conditions: It is designed for dusty, damp or wet land conditions with its waterproof body; the device can descend to a maximum depth of 10-foot (3m).
  10. 15 kHz frequency: The latest technology in detecting small metal targets, gold nuggets, jewelery and treasure under the ground.
  11. Ground Balance: automatic and manual adjustment for better performance
  12. Graphical Analysis ™ (GTA) of the underground target: Shows the conductivity of the target under the ground continuously.
  13. Permanent Coin Depth Indicator: shows the depth of the target underground.
  14. Battery Status Indicator: shows the battery status continuously.
  15. Search Modes (Discrimination Options): 6 search options + electronic pinpointing
  16. Detection of old burial, new burial or coin in Standard or Professional search option
  17. Point target detection


  • Ideal use for both fresh and salt water
  • AT Pro International can ground balance according to salt water.
  • Highly recommended
  • In finding only money
  • In jewelery detecting
  • In determining historical residue
  • In Burial Detection
  • In treasure hunting
  • In Competition Events
  • In Beach / Fresh Water Detection