Garrett GTI 2500 Deep Detector Full

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Garrett GTI 2500 Deep Detector Full


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Garrett Gti 2500

  • Target ID Indicator 24 types
  • Iron Discrimination Segments 3
  • Turn metal separation feature on / off Yes
  • Search Modes 5 (+ Viewing / Pinpoint target detection)

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19 adet stokta


Garrett Gti 2500 Tecnical Features

  • Target ID Indicator 24 types
  • Iron Discrimination Segments 3
  • Turn metal separation feature on / off Yes
  • Search Modes 5 (+ Viewing / Pinpoint target detection)
  • Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments 24 levels
  • Electronic Point target detection YES, with size / depth indicator
  • Frequency 7.2 kHz, user-centered
  • Targeting Signals
  • Standard Searchcoil 9.5 ″ PROformance ™ Display
  • Length (Adjustable) 40 ″ to 51 ″ (1.01m – 1.29m)
  • Total Weight 4.6 lbs. (2.1 kgs.)
  • Batteries 8 AA (included)
  • Battery Status Indicator YES
  • Warranty 2 Years, Limited Spare Parts / Labor

Garrett GTI 2500 Deep Treasure Detector

Garrett GTI 2500 Deep Treasure Detector – Listed with Deep Detector Difference. Browse For Garrett Detector Prices, Reviews, Features…

Garrett GTI 2500 Are you ready to meet Garrett quality that has been tried and approved by hundreds of treasure hunters ? GTI2500 has a much deeper and clearer discrimination than its competitors thanks to its computer and microprocessor technologies. With its 7.2 kHz frequency system, 9.5 inch and 12.5 inc imaging Searhcoil head, the Garrett GTI 2500, which offers different usage modes to its users, including all metals and discrimination, is in the first place in the world detector lists.

The most important feature that distinguishes it from other detectors is the ability to report the size and size of the metal on the screen. In addition to these, it allows you to detect the most difficult targets in the most difficult soil mineral conditions by making automatic ground balance or Manual (manual) ground balance.

Garrett GTI 2500 Key Features

  • Graphic target image (GTI), target size and depth detection.
  • Graphic target analyzer (GTA), target identification.
  • Deep search with the All Metal mode.
  • 20% deeper with the PowerMaster circuit.
  • Discrimination: GTA Accept / Reject bar indicator icons.
  • Audible target tone identification.
  • Pinpointing (target location punctuation), Correct target size.
  • Digital Signal Procedure (DSP).
  • Circuits equipped with microprocessor control.
  • Search Modes: Coins (coin), Jewelery, Relics (Treasure), Zero (all metal), Custom.
  • Ground Balance, automatic ground balance.
  • Threshold: Possibility to adjust the ground sound and the possibility to adjust the target volume volume
  • Possibility of adjusting the target volume volume.
  • Sensivity / Depth adjustment.
  • Surface Elimination (Surface dump rejection level) can be adjusted.
  • Possibility to make adjustments with one touch of touch keys
  • Weight 2,1 Kg.
  • Total length 1.29 m (maximum).
  • Search and reject heavy minerals with salt elimination mode.

Supreme Package Contents

  • 9.5 inch PROformance coil
  • 12.5 inch PROformance coil
  • Alt fiber sap
  • Top aluminum handle
  • 8 adet 1.5 volt pil
  • Garrett MasterSound Headphones
  • System Box Protection Cover
  • Carrying Bag
  • English Usage DVD
  • Turkish and English User Manual
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty



Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 10 kg
Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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