Garrett Infinium LS Deep Detector

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Garrett Infinium LS Deep Detector


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Garrett Infinium LS

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Garrett Treasure Detector Infinium LS Deep

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Garrett Infinium LS Detector Specifications

  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 3-stage Automatic Ground Balance:
  • Suitable for extremely slow changing Soil Mineralization Slow – Usage
  • Quick-use suitable for excessive or rapidly changing soil mineralization
  • Lock – Lock Ground Line Setting; Use for the toughest soil conditions and maximum depth
  • Adjustable volume control on field headset
  • User-Adjustable Discrimination with fast Iron control
  • Four different control configurations
  • Adjustable Audible Threshold: Adjustable according to user preferences
  • User-Adjusted Frequency: Used to reduce interference
  • Non-ferrous metal target Discrimination Feature helps the user to identify most ferrous targets.
  • Battery Back: Lightens the detector’s weight for Long Searches.
  • Salt Elimination Feature: Eliminates the Salt Mineralization effect on the beach.
  • Immersion Depth: 200 Feet (61m) (waterproof headset required)
  • Device Function: Pulse Induction technology to eliminate the effects of salt and mineral soil

Garrett Infinium LS Detector Features

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 10 × 14 ″ PROformance Search Coil
  • Frequency: 730 signals per second
  • Weight: 2.5 kg body, 1.7 kg carrying backrest
  • Search Modes: 1
  • All moving metals -PI system separation with adjustable vibration induction separation
  • Length: 28 ″ – 52 ″ (71cm-132cm) Adjustable
  • Full range (PI) Decomposition
  • Uses 8-AA Batteries (batteries included)
  • 16 oz. earplugs (waterproof)
  • Multi-Frequency Technology: 96 Frequencies
  • Immersion Depth: 200 Feet (61m) (waterproof headset required)
  • Device Function: PI system developed to eliminate the effect of salt and mineral soil
  • Battery Life: Alkaline (included) works for 10-15 hours. AC and car charger are available. Rechargeable battery (included) operates for 7-10 hours.


Take all the parts out of the Infinium LS box. All mounting hardware is in a transparent plastic bag inside a bag containing the control housing pouch. 7. Select your desired control slot structure (Figure 9). For ease of use, armband or arch mounting structures are recommended. Under arm cuff, top or bottom (mounting fittings are available in a clear plastic bag): A. Hold the control slot while the “ Instructions ” section is open, (instructions must be reversed, with the battery compartment facing up, the control buttons should be facing down) on the left side of the control housing. slide the left joint gasket from under the hole (Figure 10). Do the same with the right connection of the control housing (Figure 11).

Garrett Treasure Detector Installation

1. The sheath at the end of the S-handle is installed by the factory. Test its location by holding the black rubberized s-handle (Figure 1). If the arm cuff does not fit comfortably under your forearm, loosen the screw, remove the screw, bolt and washer, and reposition the arm cuff. Re-install the bolts and washers and tighten the screws. 2. Remove the black body part inserted into the silver body (Figure 2). Thread the end of the silver body piece over the bottom of the black body at the end of the s-stem with the 2 ” hole at the end. Sufficient pressure must be applied to the silver stem to insert the bolt. (Figure 3) Tighten with bolts, washers and screws.

3. Insert the spring clip into the black body part (Figure 4). Insert the black body piece under the silver body. (You may need to adjust the length of the stem after the searchcoil is attached to suit personal needs.) 4.
Insert black rubber washers into the recessed grooves at the bottom of the black body (Figure 5). Place the black bottom of the casing between the mounting holes raised above the power DD searchcoil.
5. Insert the black plastic bolt through the mounting holes of the search coil and the body. Attach the black cover to the threaded part of the screw and tighten (Figure 7).

DO NOT use tools.

6. Wrap the cable around the casing and secure it depending on your operating mode. Use an adjustable Velcro strap to secure the cable to the upper body for hip mounting or under arm cuff installation. 7. Select your desired control slot structure (Figure 9). For ease of use, armband or arch mounting structures are recommended. Under armor, top or bottom (mounting fittings are available in a clear plastic bag.



Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 10 kg
Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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