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Jeohunter 3D (Three Dimensional) Dual System is the most advanced metal and cavity detector system produced with advanced technology.


  1. Jeohunter 3D (Three Dimensional) Dual System is the most advanced metal and cavity detector system produced with advanced technology.
  2. Jeohunter 3D Dual System, which is in the deep detector class, examines the metal targets detected underground in four groups as Gold, Precious, Worthless and Steel.
  3. In addition to its success in metal detection and evaluation, it notifies the user of structures such as caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters and graves in real time during the search with its ability to detect voids.
  4. The Jeohunter 3D Dual System, which can draw the 2D signal graph of the targets detected underground in real time, is the most advanced of the visual systems produced so far.
  5. With its multi-functional search and detection features, it allows the user to easily search and research even in the most difficult ground structures and very intense mineral environments.
  6. Specially designed interfaces and practical search screen are the main features that make it different from other detectors, so that all amateur and professional users can easily use it.
  7. This system, which has an unmatched depth and perfect metal discrimination, can also give the target’s depth very precisely.
  8. Whether the target metal or cavity is small or large, the Jeohunter 3D Dual System informs the user how deep the target is in cm? Reports in terms.

Jeohunter 3D Dual System responds to your search and research needs with three different search coils.

  • When you purchase this System, you will experience the privilege of having three detectors at once.
  • For deeper searches, you can search underground for a long time and have a magnetic field (oxide) around it, and you can also search superficial, small and without seeing waste metals.
  • Deep Search Coil, 60 × 100 cm in size, used by two people.
  • General Search Coil of 36 × 44 cm that you can use in your general purpose searches.
  • 21 × 31.5 cm in size, effective in closed areas such as coins and cellars
  • With the Small Search Coil, you will experience the excitement of researching to depths that no one has ever discovered before and reaching treasures that nobody has ever reached.

Jeohunter 3D Dual System Nokta Makro Detector – 3D GRAPHIC VIEW METAL AND CAVITY DETECTION

You can easily scan and detect large areas and deep targets with the 100 × 60 cm Deep Search Coil specially designed for greater depth.

Deep Search Coil with a very comfortable and practical use. The soda cover on the surface is produced so that you can get perfect results even in the most mineralized ground structures without getting stuck in worthless small metal wastes such as nails.
Its superior metal separation ability is the biggest difference that distinguishes it from other large search coils.

It can divide metals into four groups as gold, precious, unworthy and steel, and give the metals standing next to each other in percentages. With the Deep Search Coil you can detect metals as well as easily detect voids.

You will enjoy being able to visually detect targets such as caves, cellars, tunnels and shelters that you cannot detect with any other detector, with its unique 3D feature.




Jeohunter 3D Dual System has a perfect 3D system, deep search system and a very practical LED (Illuminated) system.

With the Deep and General Search Coil in the LED system, you will be able to make fast and effective searches for single money and shallow searches in areas where you cannot search, wall and slope searches.

This practical detector prepared with metal separation will be your most practical assistant in your search and research.

There are gap signals on the left side and metal signals on the right side on the LED panel located on the upper part of the handle. Apart from the light warning system, it allows the user to perceive comfortably in any environment with two different audio tones for cavity and metal targets.