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KTS Electronics GPA 3000 XS

Deep Search Detector

The new GPA 3000 XS Model 2019 is even lighter and more compact than before. The new electronic unit weighs less than 90 grams and is housed in a robust aluminum housing. It also offers the following advantages:

Both the GPA 3000 XS and GOLD SCAN III electronic units are built-in.
Two different KTS programs for GPA 3000 XS (Android)
New GOLD SCAN III metal discrimination with color display for different metals such as gold, copper, aluminum and ferrous metals.
Active Touch screen for easier operation, better graphics and data output.
New 400g Universal probe for 10m and 15m search depth (up to 1200g of the previous model). It can be selected directly, without changing the sensor, on the touch screen.
Detachable new super probe for easy transport and search depths of up to 20 m and 25 m.
Waterproof 30 × 30 cm (12 “) GOLD SCAN III coil, comfortable for longer searches

GPA 3000 XS is a professional soil scanner developed and manufactured by KTS Electronic in Germany.

Our latest developed 3D ground scanner GPA 3000 XS (Model 2019) detects metals at depths that cannot be achieved with conventional metal detectors. The cavity allows archaeological finds to be found in caves and rooms.

Even gold treasures in non-metallic objects such as wooden boxes or clay jugs can be found at depth. Both treasure hunters and researchers, various mining companies and mine operators, as well as officials and archaeologists use our GPA 3D systems.

The touch screen provides easy access to all programs and search methods.

The GPA 3000 XS offers the following benefits:

Four different max. search performances (10 m, 15 m, 20 m and 25 m)
You just need to move to other search depths. Probes need not be changed!
The new Super probe can be disassembled twice, suitable for finding objects at great depths.
Latest “GPA Viewer” 3D Software (Android)
Tablet mounting on the telescope bar for a 10 inch tablet with rotary support.
Wireless data transfer with Bluetooth®
KTS Electronics GPA 3000 XS Electronic unit
The set includes the GPA 60 cm Universal probe and the new GPA 3000 XS 1m Super probe.
The probes are highly accurate sensors and auto-calibrate to measure the smallest displacements.

GPA 3000 XS Universal probe
The GPA 60 cm (24 “) Universal probe attaches to the vertically adjustable carbon telescope bar and weighs only about 400g.

GPA 3000 XS probe – Super sample

Large Super probe approx. It is 1 meter (39 ”) long and weighs approximately 1,150 grams (2.2 lbs.) And is now detachable.
When searching with the super probe, the electronic unit is attached to the top of the probe.

Supersonde GPA 3000 XS horizontal

  • GPA 3000 XS Software gpa graphic designer3
  • GPA Viewer 2D representation
  • Among the KTS 3D software, the GPA 3000 XS is also equipped with the new “GPA Viewer” 3D software.
  • This program can be run with a few easy computer commands.
  • The search starts by pressing the start button and three different speed options.
  • The search can be stopped at any time via the pause button.
  • A reboot is possible by tapping the start button.
  • The search can be completed when the End button is pressed.
  • The 2D picture changes to 3D when you press “3D”

KTS Electronics GPA 3000 XS Graphics

  • 3D representation gpa visualizer
  • Metal discrimination during measurement
  • GPA 3000 XS metal distinction gold
  • The GPA 3000 XS electronic unit contains the newly developed GOLD SCAN III gold detector.
  • The device comes with a 25 cm (10 “) searchcoil and a 1 x 1 m search frame.
  • The gold detector GOLD SCAN III separates gold from other metals and displays the type of metal being scanned on the screen.
  • The electronic unit of the now integrated GOLD SCAN III GPA 3000 XS is the tracking model of the well-known GOLD SCAN II metal detector and impresses gold seekers with its high sensitivity to small gold nuggets such as gold nuggets.

KTS Elektronik GPA 3000 XS – Deep Search Detector – 3D Image Detector – 4 different metal type indicators gpa 3000 screen gold scan iii gold gpa 3000 screen gold scan iii coppergpa 3000 screen gold scan iii alugpa 3000 screen gold scan iii iron. 30 × 30 cm searchcoil (12 “)

KTS Elektronik GOLD SCAN III 30cm coil

The waterproof 30x30cm searchcoil is particularly suitable for searching small and large metal objects. No other settings are required.

KTS Electronic 30cm search coil in use 1 x 1m search frame

The new 1 x 1 m search frame is only included in the GPA 3000 XS set and is manufactured with an internal cable. Large areas are scanned quickly and effortlessly.

The search frame is suitable for deep scanning of medium and large objects and can be carried by 1 to 2 persons with the help of carrying straps.

It is made of plastic pipes and can be divided into 8 parts. The disassembled frame is delivered in an attached bag and can be easily transported.

gpa 3000 xs search frame
GPA 3000 XS search with dial frame
Cylindrical waterproof search coil
The waterproof cylindrical searchcoil is due to its dimensions of 5 x 20 cm, which are particularly suitable for well, narrow gaps and underwater search.