Lorenz Deepmax Z Deep Treasure Detector

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Lorenz Deepmax Z Deep Treasure Detector


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Lorenz Detector


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Lorenz Deepmax Z Deep Treasure Detector

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LORENZ DEEPMAX Z is based on the stationary Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System) system. Short and strong magnetic vibrations are spread primarily through the search coil.

These magnetic vibrations primarily generate eddy currents in metal-type conductive materials. Said eddy currents will be preserved in the metal object and will disappear when the magnetic vibration emitted by the coil ceases.

It is possible to detect these eddy currents since the delayed detection phase takes place through the same detection coil (now acting as a receiver).

Highly sophisticated electronic circuits are required to detect these small voltage changes and to separate these special signals from interference.

In order for this signal to have an audio stage, it must be powered by a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), that is, when metal appears near the detection area of ​​the VCO header, it sends a signal through the headset or internal speaker.

The eddy currents generated in the metal object by the primary earth vibrations will disappear at different times depending on the conductivity of the metal object.

For this reason, the classification circuit gives noticeable delays in the eddy current readings taken during the unit time. In addition, with the Double D header, it is possible to detect any metal or non-metal mine.

This gives more information about the probable type of matter, and makes it easier to locate and size the buried metal object thanks to the emitted sound.

Lorenz Deepmax Z Treasure Detector ADVANTAGES

In principle, the Pulse GBS system has the advantages of using a large diameter head and high transmission power. These are especially necessary for deep detections.

Cable coils of different sizes and shapes attached to the frame can be connected to the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 without any adjustment. A special adaptation circuit has been added to the detector, which will automatically adapt to different coil systems.

This provides extraordinary depth capability when connected with any coil.

The larger the diameter of the searchcoil, the greater the sensitivity to large objects. Also, smaller objects will be detected with less precision.

This feature is preferred for detecting large objects and ignoring small objects. Large headers offer high-range detection.

Even in difficult terrains where magnetic iron oxidation occurs, the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 will offer exceptional depth capability for both iron and other non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.) when the Ground Balance System is used.

Other devices are frequently affected by ground effects, which reduces depth for deeper detections.

Lorenz Deepmax Z Treasure Detector

With the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z  , objects of almost the same depth can be detected in almost all soil types or in “air tests”.

The high sensitivity of DEEPMAX Z against non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and copper, new target analysis and many different detection functions make the device superior.

DEEPMAX Z gives a visual signal on the screen (LCD) for each mine detected. The detector gives numbers between 000-099, depending on the delay caused by the reading, and the metal is classified accordingly.

The target classification circuitry is in some cases affected by the size of the metal object, so it may identify small coins as large pieces of metal.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z  also provides target analysis for more sophisticated and purified iron and other non-ferrous mines with 26 cm and 35 cm DD coils in difficult soil conditions. The detector also gives an audible warning via headphones or speakers.

According to the depth detection tests (air tests), the results are almost identical to many types of soils and therefore significantly higher probability results are obtained compared to standard pulse induction or sine wave type VLF-TR detectors.


DEEPMAX Z was developed for professional detection and detection applications. Many different searchcoils can be connected to this metal detector. Large areas can be scanned efficiently with frame coils.

Saltwater, different soil types, or changes in air temperature may have little effect on the DEEPMAX Z1’s detection range. You can separate unwanted nail or foil-type objects or introduce them as unwanted small objects, so you can focus on larger and deeper objects.

DEEPMAX Z , when connected with small search coils, is an excellent tool for detecting small objects located deep.

Lorenz Deepmax Z Deep Treasure Detector set (standard)

DEEPMAX Z  main unit, carrying case, rechargeable external NiMH battery 12V9,5Ah, shoulder-belt strap, fast charger (100-240VAC), Euro AC- mains cable, earphone, user manual, carrying strap and bag 1m x 35cm double D header with 1m frame head and 3 telescopic S-pole rods.

Lorenz Deepmax Z Detection Depths

  • Searchcoil 35 cm – DD coil 45 cm – coil 1 x 1 m double
  • Frame square header: 1.5 x 1.5 m double – frame square header
  • Gold nugget: diameter = 0.5 cm 28 cm 30 cm (X) X
  • Silver coin: diameter = 2.5 cm – 50 cm 55 cm 50 cm (X) X
  • Brass plate: 10 x 10 cm – 100 cm 110 cm 145 cm 170 cm
  • Tin Box (Cola etc.): 0.33 l – 120 cm 130 cm 165 cm 200 cm
  • Demir kutu : 30 x 18 x 15 cm- 170 cm 200 cm 280 cm 340 cm

Producer Company data.

X: Out of searchcoil range

Detection depths were recorded using the air environment;



Lorenz Detector

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 10 kg
Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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