The versatile GPX-4500 is a proven gold finder with many features and great performance. Incorporating Minelab’s superior Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technologies it penetrates mineralised ground better and deeper than basic PI detectors.

Minelab GPX 4500 Detector

With the Minelab GPX 4500 Detector and the newly added Minelab Gpx 4500 features , the Minelab Detector makes searching for treasures easier than ever. Minelab Gpx 4500 Price Thanks to New SETA Technology; It’s quieter, more protected against interference, and a real pleasure to use. Even if you have not bought a detector before, the GPX 4500 makes you a detector expert inan instant with its automatic and defined functions. Quieter threshold buzz, sharper target signals, improved DISCRIMINATION and more. GPX 4500 gives the best and deepest result.

New TIMINGS – GPX 4000 users have very well understood the value of having different TIMINGs to maximize their detectors’ performance in all difficult soil conditions. Here are 2 more new timings (TIMINGS) developed for the toughest soil conditions in the Minelab Detector GPX 4500 . Enhance and Sharp:
Enhance; It is similar to the Sensitive Smooth Timing, but it can search deeper and provides sharper signals on small and large targets.

Sharp, on the other hand, provides the strongest and most effective ground timing in quieter soils. It also amplifies and accentuates weak signals from very deep. No fuss with Minelab Detector Preprogrammed Search Modes. GPX 4500 allows you to start the search by pressing a button with its pre-programmed search modes. In addition to the General, Deep, and Custom modes, 4 new search modes with special technologies have been added. High mineral (Hi Mineral), High Trash (Hi rash), Path (Patch) and Test A mode.

Minelab GPX 4500

• Minelab Detector SW (Ground Balance) off in neutral soils: In addition to
normal and specific ground balance function, extra deep search with the GB off (Ground Balance Off) function in mineral-free soils where the device does not need ground balance. In this mode, very successful results are obtained in sand and clay. .
• Screen light: Day and night screen so you can see it comfortably.
• Stabilizer: This function gives the user complete control over the threshold buzz. In mineral-free soils, increasing the setting of the Stabilizer will accentuate the weak signals coming from deep, while decreasing the setting in mineralized and noisy soils will provide a more stable threshold buzz.

Minelab GPX-4500 Features

Minelab Detector GPX 4500 Gold prospecting is an exciting and rewarding activity enjoyed by many people all over the world. As you get to know your GPX4500 , you may have the chance to join the people who find gold and valuable treasures.
The GPX-4500 is Minelab’s most advanced gold detector. Multi-Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage
Technology, Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA)
, is a high-precision device that combinesadvanced digitalprocessing capabilitywith the latest technology in analog components.
The GPX-4500 will
detectgoldwith higher efficiency thanany previousdetectoron all types of surfaces, especially soils rich in minerals.
MinelabThis manual has
been designed to help both amateur and professional seekers get the best out of the GPX-4500 .

Minelab wishes you endless success in your gold and treasure hunt!

Minelab GPX 4500 Contents

  • Minelab Detector GPX 4500 LCD Backlight 50
  • Viewing Battery / Battery Voltage 51
  • Volume Limit / Setting the Maximum Volume for All Voices 52
  • Ground Balance Type 53-54
  • Ground Balance Procedure for Specific Jobs 55
  • Custom / Ground / Timing settings 56-57
  • Manual Noise / Electrical Noise Reduction 58
  • Changing Research Modes 59
  • Adjusting the Move / Pan Speed ​​60
  • Rx Gain / Setting the Detector’s Detection Threshold 61
  • Voice Type / Changing Signal Responses from the Target 62
  • Adjusting the Volume of the Tone / Initial Settings 62
  • Minelab Detector – GPX 4500 Quick Start 2
  • Introduction to the GPX-4500
  • Functions overview
  • Parts List 11-12
  • Mounting 13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20
  • How to Set Up Your Detector for an Easy Detection? 21-22
  • Charging the Battery 23
  • Battery LED Patterns 24
  • Caring for Your Battery 24
  • Search basics 25
  • Detector Sounds 25
  • Front Control Panel 26
  • Rear Control Panel 27
  • Turning the Detector On 28
  • LCD Menu Structure 29
  • Search Mode 30-31-32
  • Adjusting Volume / Reducing Electrical Noise 33
  • Auto Volume 34
  • Initial Settings / Adjusting the Background Volume 35-36
  • Optimizing for Soil / Times / Soil & Target Types 37
  • Ground Balance / Ground Noise Reduction 38
  • Ground Balance Procedure for Tracking 39
  • Ground Balance Procedure for Stability 40-41
  • Coil / Rx / Signal Transmission and Reception (Rx) Areas 42-3
  • Factory Settings 44-45-46
  • The Functions 47
  • Setting Up 47
  • Accessing functions 48
  • Accessing the settings 49

Using Minelab GPX 4500

The GPX-4500 uses Minelab ‘s proven ‘Dual Voltage Technology (DVT)’.
This feature
provides a precise Ground Balance so that you can achieve themaximum sensitivity setting and search depth in all ground types.
The GPX-4500
offerssixTiming options, each working with all-new SETA technology. Thanks to the
Minelab Detector GPX 4500 Intelligent Electronic Timing Setting (SETA), the detector
can be precisely adjusted foreachTiming option.
This improvement in settings
reduces theinterferenceofcertain noisy signals, and
significantly increases thedetector’simmunityagainst high magnetic rocks and terrains.

Minelab Detector – GPX 4500 In the process of dynamic noise compensation, SETA
allows you toimproveand maintain thethreshold stabilityso that you can operate the GPX-4500 with maximum
efficiencyunder any conditions.
The GPX-4500
offerssix pre-programmed Search modestuned for the most common exploration techniques.
All modes
can be set up bysimplysliding and adjusting thedetector’s various functions.

With its improved functionality and new timing settings, the GPX-4500 is
master at finding small unworked gold nuggets much easier than previous detectors in all types of field conditions .

Minelab GPX 4500

Minelab Detector – GPX 4500 Rx Gain function adjusts the overall sensitivity of your detector. You
can increase theRxGain function insoft soil areas. In harder soils, you can lower the Rx Gain setting.

Timing Settings The
Minelab GPX-4500 has many new
timing settings thathelp improve performance under a wide variety of conditions.

Ground Balance (GB) Type The
Ground Balance Type now has three settings, Normal, Certain and Off GB
. Normal setting is the preferred setting for most soil types. Specific Ground Balance, on the other hand, is
designed for use inveryhot floors and is particularly
effective when usedwith a Monoloop coil. The GB Off setting
serves to turn off the Ground Balance circuit for maximum depth invery soft soils, sand, etc.

Response function enables you to receive responses from target masses. Deep masses will now
sound as familiar to you as the “rise and fall” signals from superficial masses.

Minelab Detector GPX 4500 Motion

Your speed at which you sweep the coil has an effect on target response time and Ground Settings.
Matching your preferred coil sweep speed with the matching Motion setting
will both reduce noise and allow you to select deeper target masses.

Minelab Detector GPX 4500 Special Search mode

When the custom setting is selected, many new special search modes in the LCD menu become available
. It even includes a new mode name selection button. You
can create your own new modes for different locations and
use them when you visit them later .

The Minelab Detector – GPX 4500 Balancer
is a new feature to regulate your audio setting and
combinessmooth operation with clear targetsignals.

Minelab Detector – GPX 4500 Target Sound Intensity It is
tocontrol the amplifiers built into the device that affect the loudness of the signals from the target. It is activated with a headset and an external speaker. The target
loudness adjustment can also be used to reduce the strength of the signals coming from the ground.