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Minelab Detector Safari ONE OF THE BEST OF MİNELAB SERIES, Safari SPECIAL FORDIFFICULT  NATURE CONDITIONS, Minelab Safari FBS multiple Minelab Safari Price powered by frequency technology, SAFARI; It combines depth sensitivity and precise detection to provide convenience and performance for all.
Safari automatically eliminates unwanted ground signals with enhanced digital filtering.
It provides easy use and easy detection regardless of the terrain.
With the Minelab Safari High Trash Density Indicator, target identification and automatic tones are updated quickly when moving to targets buried close to each other.
Minelab Detector Improves the recycling of conductive targets buried deep in waste metal grounds and helps you identify the exact type of target that has been detected. Precise and simple use; Press the pinpoint button and watch the exact location of the valuable target in the Safari zone.
With 4 enhanced search modes, you can select coin, relic, coin & jewelry or all metal.
Each special mode; It has the best options for defining the characteristic of your preferred target and helps you spend little time in the field.

Minelab Safari Universal Metal Detector

Lightweight and slim waterproof 11? Combine high performance, excellent depth and sharp point target detection with the DD searchcoil.
4 enhanced search modes: 1-Coin, 2-coin & jewelry, 3-relic and 4-all metal.
4 adjustable search modes.
Linear discrimination scale from (-) 10 to (+) 40 – with Accept / Reject function.
Fully automatic and manual sensitivity control options.
Pinpoint with audio and visual signals for precise search.
Minelab Safari Trash density – High; minimizes false signals that develop in typical coin and residual environments. Ideal for low, clean places.
The threshold setting is on a scale of 0 – 40.
Target signal setting: Adjusts target signal setting in accordance with the user’s choice.
Menu Interface = Simple menu structure for fast, easy entry and adaptation.
Clear view for target depth detection; Target designation number; Mode counters and graphic detection bar target icon showing active detection pattern.
64 × 128 pixel LCD screen, adjustable contrast.
Long lower shaft for user comfort.
Robust, well-balanced design to be able to search for a long time.