Overview. The X‑TERRA 305 is a great choice for the individual or family looking for a good all-rounder detector with more discrimination levels than the …

Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector


Metal detecting is a fascinating and rewarding hobby that people all over the world love. By purchasing X-Terra, you can be one of the many who regularly find valuable coins, relics gold, and jewelry!

VFLEX operates with a pure, single frequency and allows you to use a highly fine-tuned and reliable detector, allowing you to always have a good time with your hobby. In other words, it is a SERIOUS detector.

X-Terra detectors are the first products to use Minelab’s VFLEX Technology. VFLEX utilizes state-of-the-art digital and mixed-signal components to further enhance standard single frequency technology by replacing analog circuits with a digital signal processor. The small amount of analog circuitry used has been designed and tuned to achieve the extraordinary precision, continuity and repeatability required to achieve the processing performance in the digital field. This radical change in metal detector design approaches is made possible by advances in electronic systems used in personal digital auxiliary equipment, mobile phones and portable sound systems.

Minelab Detector - X Terra

Minelab Detector – X Terra

This treasure hunter is designed for both amateur and professional users to hunt in the best possible way.

  1. Standard operations of the X-Terra 305 use a frequency of 7.5 kHz. This frequency has the ability to go deep into the ground and is the most suitable frequency for general purpose searches.
  2. The X-Terra offers the opportunity to operate at frequencies of 18.75 kHz depending on the appropriate search coil selection.
  3. Minelab X Terra 305 Detector, Minelab x Terra Detector Models are the first products to use Minelab’s VFLEX Technology.
  4. The Minelab x Terra 305 Detector gives you the functions required for metal detecting in a quality way.
  5. The Minelab X Terra 305 Detector leaves its competitors behind thanks to its practical use.

The price performance of the world famous detector manufacturer Minelab detector company is one of the best detectors and it is a detector model that has made a name with high user satisfaction.

Minelab X Terra 305 Detector Features

  • Numerical distinction feature
  • Ability to erase unwanted metals
  • Different soundstones
  • Voice distinction
  • Manual ground balance option
  • Option to use detector 3 different khz headers
  • Option to use headphones
  • Mute or increase option is available
  • All the features you may need in the field are available.
  • It is a suitable product for our customers who are looking for high performance at low prices.