FORS Relic’s superior discrimination ability will enable you to detect relics and coins missed by other detectors in the trashiest sites and in iron contamination. In addition, the waterproof search coils make FORS Relic the best choice for metal detecting on the beach or in rivers.

Nokta Detector Fors Relic Gold Metal Detector

Nokta Detector Fors Relic Gold Metal Detector , device reviews, up-to-date additional features and prices are on sale with the difference of Deep Detector!

Nokta Deep Detector

Nokta Derin Detector , Fors Relic, Ankara Metal Detector, Metal Detector, Ankara Nokta Detector, Features, Prices, Reviews. Built on the famous FORS platform, FORS Relic offers new features and an incredible discrimination ability for relic and coin searches. Ankara FORS Relic, operating at 19kHz, has 6 search modes, iMASK (Intelligent Masking), Tone Break (Tone ID Range) and Iron Volume features, and all the challenging detectors that pose a problem for many detectors such as beach, mineral grounds, stony fields. It is a detector that you can easily use in field conditions.

Nokta Detector FORS Relic , with its superior discrimination capability, allows you to easily detect the residues and coins missed by other detectors in areas where there is a high amount of worthless metal and iron wastes. In addition, thanks to waterproof search coils, beach, creek etc. It is also the best choice for those searching environments.

Nokta Detector Fors Relic Metal Detector Features

Point Fors Relic Search Modes
General Search (GEN) is
the deepest mode of the device, also called “All Metal” mode. In this mode, the device detects all metals and gives a single tone to all targets without discrimination.

Discrimination 2 (DI2) is a
2-tone discrimination mode. It gives good results, especially in clean areas where there is no trash metal.

Discrimination 3 (DI3) is a three-tone discrimination mode developed for
Point Coin Detector calls.

Deep Mode (DEEP )
Ankara Gold Search Detector is the deepest mode of the recommended device in discrimination modes, especially for relic searches. The searchcoil swings slower while searching in this mode.

Fast Mode (SWT) It
is a 2-voice search mode developed for areas with a lot of waste metals. It is especially recommended for coin calls. The depth is slightly lower than the other modes, but the target detection speed and discrimination capability is higher in areas with dense waste metals.

Conductive Earth (COG) is the
special mode of FORS Relic developed for conductive grounds (wet sandy beach, alkaline soil floors, etc.). The feature of the mode is that it is closed to iron and similar targets in this group, and the ground setting can be made comfortably on all grounds.

Nokta Detector 

With the goal of becoming a game changer and technology leader in the industry, Nokta Detectors expanded its R&D team in 2011 and made significant investments to develop new detection technologies by purchasing Macro Detectors in December 2014. Today, Nokta Detectors is exporting Nokta branded detectors to more than 150 countries in 6 continents with its strong distributor and dealer network.

Nokta Makro Detectors invests most of their income in R&D activities. Parallel to the advanced engineering principle, Nokta Makro Detectors has all the necessary technological and quality infrastructure and is an ISO9001 Certified company. Macro Spot Detection , Turkey Science in 2017, has been certified as official by the Ministry of Industry and Technology R & D Center.

Fors Relic Detector