Golden King metal detector is a unique, deep penetrating, treasure and cache detector and it is equipped with features offered by no other detectors.

Nokta Golden King Deep Detector

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Nokta Deep Detector

Nokta Golden King Features – Nokta Detector Fors Relic

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With the detector , you can easily monitor the intensity of the target signal in real time from the SCOPE screen. With the screen, you can easily find the highest point of the signal center and examine the signal graph of both space and metal targets. Deep Detector With this screen, you can monitor how your system is operating and at the same time, when you see metal or cavity target signals;

You can get instant information about the target from the color changes of the RADAR SCREEN.

Nokta Detector Golden King Deep Search Detector – Nokta Detector Fors Relic

With the Golden King detector, you can easily follow the intensity of the target signal on the SCOPE screen during your searches. Unlike the GENERAL SEARCH, you can observe the highest point of the target signal with the pointer in the dial search. The top level from which the pointer originated indicates the center of the target signal.

Is the golden king detector precious or worthless metal, steel metal or mixed metal? Or is it gold etc. You can follow the discrimination information with the help of digital pointer and you can see the metals standing next to each other on the Professional Detector result screen. You can follow the golden king detector space signals, and you can read the received signal value numerically. Deep Search Detector Likewise, like the metal section needle, the cavity section needle rises and the bottom numerical. By following the data, you can determine the points where you enter and exit the space signal under the ground.


Developed specifically for the 3D Image Deep Search Detector , the Golden King metal detector is a unique treasure and void detection detector equipped with features that no other detector had previously. Thanks to these features, users have the opportunity to easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach, in any environment.

The Golden King detector detects deeply buried metals and cavities such as caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters and graves thanks to 3 different search coils and deep ground penetration. In addition, thanks to its superior technology, it not only draws real-time 3D graphics of the target it finds, but also informs the user of its distinction and prediction depth.

REAL-TIME 3D TARGET GRAPH Spot Detector Fors Relic

The most striking feature of the Golden King detector is the real-time 3D digital signal processing function that no system produced to receive data from underground has been able to achieve. As can be seen in the sample pictures, Golden King makes a 3D drawing of the signal it receives and reflects it on the screen.

Again on the same screen, it shows the estimated depth and separation of the target it finds. You can view the 3D target graphic from different angles by rotating it with the keyboard keys and you can review it whenever you want by saving.


Golden King is with you in your detector searches and researches, not only electronically but also as a giant information source. 406 signs and symbols that you may encounter in the field have been interpreted and placed in the system by an expert team. It is a rich source of information that you can access whenever and wherever you need it.