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Nokta Detector Anfibio 14 Treasure Detector

Anfibio 14 Point Detector, Point Detector , Anfibio 14, Point Detector, Treasure Detector, Reviews, Prices, Features, Technical Specifications. With all its new features, 7 optional searchcoil options and its robustness, Anfibio 14 will be your best friend whether you’re in the park, on the open ground or on the beach.

The Spot Detector Anfibio offers superior depth, high metal detection speed and unmatched performance in all your coin, relic and gem searches.

No more stressing around many screens – save your precious time for your calls, not setting up the device, thanks to Anfibio’s easy-to-use feature on one screen.

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Nokta Detector Anfibio 14 Treasure Detector

  • New EUD Function
  • Extra Underground Depth – Detect targets that are masked by ground conditions or at boundary depth.
  • Enhanced Beach Mode: Very stable operation under dry sand, wet sand and underwater.
  • New Search Coil Design: The new 28 cm searchcoil gives you that extra depth you’re looking for!
  • Excellent Discrimination: Just find the targets you are looking for and don’t waste time digging the metals you don’t want.
  • IP68: Protected against dust ingress from all directions and waterproof up to 5 meters.
  • Very High Metal Detection Speed: Get ready to find what other detectors are missing between iron and waste!
  • 3 Selectable Target ID Depth: Used to set the depth ID given to the target.
  • Search Modes: 8 Modes (GEN Delta / 2 Tone / 3 Tone / 4 Tone / 5 Tone / 99 Tone / Beach / Deep )
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Included * Enjoy wireless freedom without lag.

“A very happy Point Anfibio user”
2 kopiks 1811, Emperor Aleksandr I, Russia
1/4 Ore, Sweden, 1663
1 Ore, Sweden, 1671, Carolus XI.
Denezhka 1856, Russia, Emperor Aleksandr II.

“There are so many modes and features in Anfibio that it is mind blowing. In any case, this will be the only device you need. It is very solid and durable. The new searchcoil system makes the device very compact for travel or underwater diving. Finally, the new searchcoil design offers the possibility to search deeper and is really deep. Deeper than any competitor. ”

“Anfibio turns a good day into a perfect day on England grounds.”

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