RD1000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

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RD1000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)



  • It enables high contrast and real-time data to be displayed instantly and clearly in almost any lighting condition.
  • Provides multi-language option and symbolic expression support.


A powerful complement to Radiodetection electromagnetic detectors, the RD1000 + Underground Radar allows the user to detect non-conductive pipes and channels and to locate locations where multiple lines are connected to each other at once.

With its advanced radar sensor structure and powerful digital image processor, the RD1000 + can detect infrastructures and gaps up to 8 meters.

RD 1000 GPR Detection and marking features

Especially designed for underground networks, the RD1000 + provides the user with fast and accurate information sets for faster planning of the survey. Once the line is detected, the user takes the walker back and puts the RD1000 + into locate mode and detects
the location and depth of the line.

The high contrast LCD of the RD1000 + makes it possible to detect buried lines. In addition to contrast and gain controls, advanced filter tools make it easy to detect even small cross-section lines in mixed areas with varying underground materials and soil structures.

RD 1000 GPR Intuitive to use and ergonomic

The non-metallic walker to which the RD1000 + is attached is designed for comfortable, easy carrying and use during long fieldwork. The waterproof key block and intuitive menu system give the operator easy access to the RD1000 + ‘s advanced digital features.

Record management

The RD1000 + features one-touch image capture to assist in documenting surveys. RD1000 +’s one-touch image acquisition feature supports the documentation of surveys. Detection images that can be deleted from the system can be saved to standard Compact Flash Memory for later transfer to the computer.

The RD1000 + ‘s ImageView software allows the operator to view, export and use image files in report and job databases. The compact Flash cart interface also allows users to update
the RD1000 + software updates.

Portable and durable

Built from The RD1000 +, made of robust and waterproof materials, can be used on a wide range of grounds with different wheel accessories. The modular design also makes the system quick to service and repair. Its modular structure makes the system easy to service and repair.

The RD1000 + can be folded, disassembled and reassembled in less than 2 minutes for shipping and storage. Only 22 kg (48lbs) can be transported and assembled without the need for any special carrier or equipment. Major parts can be placed in a soft or hard carrying case, and an aircraft bag that protects the entire system during transport can be supplied if desired.





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  • It enables high contrast and real-time data to be displayed instantly and clearly in almost any lighting condition.
  • Provides multi-language option and symbolic expression support.

RD1000 + System Specifications

  • Boyutlar (Y x G x U) 115 cm × 70 cm × 90 cm – 45.3″ × 27.6″ × 35.4″
  • Weight 22 kg (48lbs)
  • Sensor frequency 250 MHz
  • Antennas Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB)
  • Sampling – Digital Equivalent Time Sampling (DETS) – real-time / stop-and-go
  • Signal Enhancement DynaQ is optimized for Vehicle speed.
  • Signal Compensation Temperature / Input Voltage
  • Display 7.25 ″ color LCD, Clear Image in Daylight
  • Image save format .gpr
  • Vehicle material Non-metal
  • Battery 12V, 9Ah Lead Acid, Mounted on vehicle
  • Protection Class IP66
  • Operating / Storage Temperatures Sensor: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C / -40 ° F to 122 ° F
  • Monitor: -5 ° C to + 50 ° C / -58 ° F to + 122 ° F
  • Spatial spacing 5 cm / 2 ″
  • Depth Capacity Maximum 8 meters. *
  • Screen Depth Scale 1 m – 8 m / 3 ‘- 30 ′
  • Recording Capacity – Storage Location 16 GB standard, 64 GB maximum Removable Compact Flash Card
  • Conformity CE, ROHS, FCC
  • Standard Warranty 1 year
  • Supported Languages: Symbolic expressions, Turkish, English, Chinese (simplified) Spanish,
    French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Polish

RD1000 + Accessory System

A comprehensive range of accessories complements the RD1000 + to expand the range of applications and provide extra protection during transport.

The modular design of the product allows for the replacement of a number of important component parts without the need for expert teams and tools.

Wheel sets

Large wheel set for use on rough or hilly terrain

  • Part No: 10 / RD1000LGWHEELS
  • Four spare standard wheelsets
  • Part No: 10 / RD1000WHEELSET

Transport options

  • Hard case for display unit
  • Part ID: 10 / RD1000DISPLAYCASE
  • Soft case for the display unit
  • PartNo: 10 / RD1000 + DISPBAG
  • Flight case for a complete RD1000 + system
  • PartNo: 10 / RD1000FLIGHTCASE


  • Additional license for RD1000 + GPR Image
  • Imaging Software
  • ParçaNo: 10/RD1000+SOFTWARE

Spare parts

  • RD1000 + GPR sensor assembly
  • ParçaNo: 10/RD1000+SENSOR
  • Replacement sensor skid pad
  • Part ID: 10 / RD1000SKIDPAD
  • RD1000 + GPR display unit
  • ParçaNo: 10/RD1000+DISPLAY
  • Screen mounting bracket
  • Holding assembly for RD1000 + GPR cart
  • ParçaNo: 10/RD1000+HANDLE
  • RD1000 + GPR cart base assembly
  • Parça No: 10/RD1000+CART
  • RD1000 + backup battery pack
  • ParçaNo: 10/RD1000+BATTERY
  • Battery Charger – 100V-240V for global use
  • PartNo: 10 / RD1KCHARGE
  • Battery charger terminals for mains
  • Part numbers: USA / CANADA type: 04 / MC? 1020 Europe type: 04 / MC? 3020 UK type: 04 / MC-5020
  • Australian type: 17 / GP3071-C13-25-BK-10A-I
  • Battery connection cable
  • PartNo: 10 / RD1KBATTCABLE
  • Display and sensor connection cable
  • PartNo: 10 / RD1KDISPCABLE
  • Battery Strap: Part No: 10 / RD1KBATTSTRAP
  • Sensor support strap: Part No: 10 / RD1KSTRAP
  • Cart assembly pins × 2: PartNo: 10 / RD1KPIN












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