Garrett Detector Sea Hunter Mark II Treasure Diver

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Garrett Underwater Treasure Detector Sea Hunter

  • Electronic Circuit type: Pulse Induction technology for automatic cancellation of salt / mineral soil effect
  • Signal Setting: Adjustable depending on user preference
  • User-preferred Weathering / Elimination – Sea Hunter
  • Carrying Backrest and Pouch: Reduces the detector’s weight during long searches
  • Discrimination Modes: 2 operating modes (Standard or Discrete) developed for discrimination . Discrimination modes offered for various levels of precious metal targets
  • Discrete Trash Elimination: Used to separate non-precious metals such as foil or box opening rings, with virtually no reduction in ring or coin sensitivity
  • Standard Trash Elimination: Allows deepest search possible; It provides the opportunity to search with a light sweeping motion in the region where there is no precious metal at the same time. Garrett Sea Hunter 
  • Independently installed battery compartment
  • Search Mode: Deep search for all non-moving metals thanks to full range Pulse Induction discrimination
  • The Garrett Underwater Treasure Detector Sea Hunter, which has been used by professional divers for 30 years , operates at a depth of 60 meters.