Underground GPR Radar RD1500

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Underground GPR Radar RD1500

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The RD1100 provides the professionalism of detecting, measuring and other users can trace and mark all types of cables and pipes, including plastic and ceramic.
Ability to store screenshots on the built-in standard internal memory to be able to send screenshots by e-mail via Wi-Fi in case of urgency or to transfer them to a USB memory card afterwards . GPS position is captured for integration into Google Earth ™.

The RD1500 takes infrastructure detection to the next level by providing users with easily interpretable Depth Slices alongside traditional Line Images. Patented to indicate small / shallow, medium or large / deeply buried infrastructures
Uses FrequenSee ™ technology. Upgrade the RD1500’s software to export your GPR data and
perform more detailed analysis , plus you can achieve higher position accuracy with external GPS.

Advanced Reporting Data Analysis PC Software with

RD1500 The RD1500’s Enhancement Package includes the comprehensive EKKO project PC software solution for analysis and processing of GPR data and allows you to:
* Slice the depth data on your computer
* Data images as well as your typed and company logo Create PDF reports with screenshots and images.
* Your data CSV, SEG-Y etc. Three additional modules that can be added to the Enhancement Package for greater analysis levels are available in the infrastructure kits:
* Line View modifies and displays GPR lines
* Slice View processes and displays Grid data, and can extract data for 3D visualization and geo-referenced software programs
* Interpretation GPR It is used to add post-processing comments such as dots, polylines, boxes and annotations to lines.



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