Are you looking for underground water resources or hidden cavities up to depths of 250 meters (820 ft)? The GeoSeeker is a professional geoelectrical water detector and cavity detector that measures the ground resistivity and visualizes its scan data in incredible 3D graphics.

OKM GEOSEEKER Underground Monitoring System

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There are 3 measurement methods:

  1. Active Scan (Accurate Detection),
  2. Active Scan (Quick),
  3. Passive Scan

 Okm Dealer OKM GEOSEEKER Features

On ground (voltage 390 V maximum) with direct power input (Control Box)

PASSIVE SCAN : It only measures the natural voltage of the ground without direct power input. (It is compatible in sloping areas with the river bed).

The area to be scanned should be divided into single measurement points (like the pulse method in ground scanning). The device measures from the starting point to the end point, after the measurement, the electrodes are placed at the next measurement point. Measurements with Ankara Okm Geoseeker will be longer than Waterfinder, but the results will be precise. “New version” Okm Underground Imaging Systems asks the device scan mode (active / passive) and based on the selected mode, the device; It asks the length and width of the area, the distance of the measurement points to each other, the starting point and the end point. Measurements in progress can be stopped and then the measurement can be continued.

OKM GEOSEEKER Underground Imaging

  • Geoelectric water and void detector:  Determines soil resistance up to 250m depth and visualizes measured values ​​in 3D
  • Depth:  Customers found water up to 250 meters – check our references
  • Usage cases:  water detection, gap detection, geotechnical engineering
  • Operating modes:  Geoelectric dredging
  • Detectable objects: puddles, water-bearing gravel, voids …

Water detector and gap detector up to 250 meters (820 ft)

Looking for groundwater sources or hidden cavities up to 250 meters (820 ft) deep? GeoSeeker   is a   professional local electric water detector and cavity detector that   measures the ground resistance and visualizes the scan data in amazing 3D graphics. It is a very mobile and easy to use geoelectric detector designed and manufactured in Germany.

Okm GeoSeeker uses   a local electrical measurement procedure according to Schlumberger to read the apparent resistance of the ground. Based on this ground resistance, the detector can find groundwater puddles, water-bearing gravel and cavities, as well as groundwater level, caves, tunnels, rooms and so on. Thus, the geophysical detector can be placed as a water finder or a gap detector at the same time.

GeoSeeker Scan Modes

GeoSeeker hardware components are fully controlled by a modern Android Tablet PC. All commands and measurement results are transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Simply select one of the three supported scanning modes using the preinstalled software application:

  • Active Scan (Accurate)
    When using this scan mode, the GeoSeeker uses two electrodes to inject electrical power into the underground soil. Two additional electrodes measure the potential difference (voltage drop) at specific scan points to calculate the final resistivity value. This mode is used to detect underground puddles, hidden caves, and even impervious layers and barriers in underground soil. In active scans, you will be able to define a specific depth range in which you will measure. So you will define a starting and ending depth between 5 meters (16 feet) and 250 meters (820 feet).
  • Active Scan (Quick)
    This scan mode is a quick version of the correct scan. It also injects electric current underground and measures the potential difference (voltage drop) to calculate the resistance of the soil.
  • Passive Scan
    When using this scanning mode, the GeoSeeker uses only two electrodes to read the natural voltage that occurs underground (no electric power is injected underground). This mode is used to detect underground flowing water only.

GeoSeeker Software

GeoSeeker ‘s software application provides simple step-by-step instructions to help you complete the measurement. Just follow the instructions in this picture until your measurement is finished. After the measurement is complete, a graphical 3D representation of the measure values ​​is created and displayed on the screen of your Tablet PC. Some color adjustment options are provided to optimize the graphic 3d visualization of your groundwater beds, water-bearing gravel and your groundwater level (shown in bluish colors) as well as cavities, caves, tunnels, rooms or impervious layers (shown in reddish colors). .

GeoSeeker Transport

The GeoSeeker hardware is integrated into the waterproof and shockproof Peli case. Thus, your geoelectric equipment is well packaged and always ready for shipping.

Usage areas

Agricultural Fields – Archeology – Gap Detection – Grave Detection – Geotechnical Engineering – Water Detection / Well Construction  

  • Boyutlar (Y x G x D): 360 x 290 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Cable length: 255 m
  • Markers: 15

Power Cable Drums (Ø 290 mm)

  • Boyutlar (Y x G x D): 120 x 120 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 0.65 kg
  • Cable length: 26 m
  • Markers: 25

Controller (Receiving Unit)

  • Boyutlar (Y x G x D): 130 x 270 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg / 2.1 kg (with mounted cable reers and batteries)
  • Sampling rate: 4096 Hz (64 times over sampling of 512 sample mean value)
  • Working time: min. 16 hours (charged batteries)
  • Charging Time: 3 hours / max. 5 h (empty batteries)
  • İşlemci: 80 MHz Cortex M3
  • ADC: 16 bit
  • Communication with Tablet PC: WLAN Access Point, 2.4 GHz band, channel 6, WPA2
  • Communication with Power Box: 2.4 GHz band, optional, proprietary
  • Effective Range: –1400 to +1400 mV
  • Measurement Time Per Scan Point: min. 16 seconds
  • Power Supply (8 AA batteries): 8 – 14 V DC
  • Input (for Charger): 12 V DC / 1.5 A
  • Input Resistance (static): approx. 12 MΩ

Power Box (Send Unit)

  • Boyutlar (Y x G x D): 230 x 550 x 360 mm
  • Weight: 15.8 kg / 18 kg (with mounted Electrodes)
  • Run time: 100h (min. Power) / 40h (average Power) / 8h (max. Power)
  • Charging Time: max. 8 hours
  • Output: max. 390 V / 0.5 A / 20 W
  • Communication with Controller: 2.4 GHz band, optional, proprietary
  • Input (for Charger): 24 V DC / 2 A
  • Internal Power Supply: Lead Acid Battery (2 x 12 V, 10 Ah)


  • Boyutlar (Y x G x D): 440 x 120 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 0.52 kg

Technical data are average values. Small deviations are possible during operation.

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Water detector and gap detector up to a depth of 250 meters (820 ft)

Looking for groundwater sources up to 250 meters (820 ft) or hidden voids? GeoSeeker is a professional local electric water detector and cavity detector that measures the ground resistivity and visualizes the scan data in amazing 3D graphics.

It is a highly mobile and easy-to-use geoelectric detector designed and manufactured in Germany.