The Whites Spectra® V3i is Whites premier metal detector. Whites has included top treasure-hunting features on the V3i to maximize the time you spend metal …

Whites Spectra V3i Treasure Gold Detector

The most up-to-date reviews, prices, technical specifications, product descriptions and detailed information about the Whites Spectra V3i Define- Gold Detector are here!

Ease of use with Spectra models feature the Turkish menu with the top line of great interest and admiration whites area detector models sold since you are provided Turkey.

This model, which is used in gold, valuable objects, coins, silver coins and treasure searches, searches at the same time with 3 different frequencies. Our customers using White’s are very satisfied with the new model spectra.

Whites Spectra V3i Technology

The detector V3i, which White’s company has reached the latest in technology, forces the favorite list of the users with its color screen and wireless headset, as well as its Turkish menu.

Engineers of White’s company, which combines 3 different frequencies in a single detector, revealed their sensitivity in the choices made in the frequency ranges.

In addition to two different frequencies for gold and silver, which are valuable in every point of the world, the frequency used in general searches is the most efficient frequency for other metal types.

The data of these three frequencies simultaneously perform 3 × 3 target analysis with the technology called Spectra Graph ™ of its fully HD color screen.

On the pinpoint screen, it measures the recycling of the signals it sends for 3 different purposes. You will reach happy ends with this detector, which has an easy usage as only a bank ATM in its menu.

With the Prospecting Scan feature, it provides the balance in the soil without notifying you of the change of minerals in the ground, and with this excellent device, it will also equalize the depth drops caused by the soil.

DD title as well as the candidate Prospecting Scan feature is completely eliminate the effects of the minerals in the soil appears as intense in Turkey. The discrimination sensitivity of the detectors produced by White’s company for years has not changed in this model.

Whites Specta V3i

Another great innovation in metal detecting is this: The V3i takes treasure hunting to a whole new level in terms of depth and performance.

The V3i is equipped with many new features including wireless headphones, HD color display and a choice of languages. These are of course to make your hunting process more enjoyable than ever before. But what’s the benchmark for a better metal detector?

‘Can it go deeper? What can you find? ‘

And here’s the answer: V3i users can find older, deeper coins, relics and jewelry by scanning areas that have been scanned with other metal detectors at intervals!