Whites Spectra VX3

Whites Spectra VX3


25 adet stokta


25 adet stokta


The Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector combines the premier performance of the Spectra V3i with the turn-on-and-go simplicity of the entry level Whites Coinmaster line of metal detectors. Preset Simplicity. This top-of-the-line metal detector is as easy to use as an ATM machine with 8 preset hunting programs.

Whites Spectra VX3 Treasure Detector For Sale

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Whites VX3 Detector General Features:

  1. 8 Preset Hunting Programs: Coin, Coin & Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, Hi Pro and Demo
  2. 3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies – 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz
  3. Quick Reference Guide
  4. Status Bar – adjusts features at the touch of a button during a call
  5. SpectraGraph® Target Marker – displays target information from 3 frequencies to decide if the target is worth digging
  6. Quad Voice Modes – Standard, All-Metals, Mixed Mode, Punctuation
  7. Optional Tone ID – with 191 tones
  8. Punctuation / Depth Reading
  9. 8 Key Features – Program, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Sound, Frequency, Ground Tracking, Filter & Speed
  10. High Resolution Display – Backlight 320 × 240 QVGA Color Display

Note: The above information and explanations are the manufacturer’s data.

White’s Metal Detectors (White’s Electronics)

It was founded in 1950 by an American family to serve radioactive element seekers. In 1958, the US government announced that it would no longer buy uranium, so the company abandoned the Geiger meters it had produced so far, and began manufacturing metal detectors. The firm is run by Ken and Mary White. Ken continues his father’s legacy of creating top-of-the-line metal detectors.

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Boyutlar 180 × 250 × 55 cm


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