Features of Xp Gold Maxx Power Detector Treasure Detector

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Xp Gold Maxx Power Detector is an outstanding detector for detecting small sized targets in mineral soils in difficult soil conditions.
Its 18 kHz frequency feature makes it very sensitive to targets that are often difficult to detect (coins, gold nuggets, jewelery and all other small objects.)
Good in the terrains you want to search thanks to the polyphonic mode, the iron setting and the new iron threshold tone settings. will ensure you get results.

Compared to the LCD screen;
Due to the extraordinary analysis of the human ear, sudden sound signaling was chosen instead of the LCD screen.
LCD displays cannot respond in real time and cannot detect weak signals close to other signals.
Gold Maxx Power audio signaling provides real-time output of signals that are difficult to detect.

Because the geometry (structure) of the wide-scan DD coils provides a better ground penetration, our detectors are used with these coils.
The optional (optional) 24 × 11 elliptical head will be the best complement to the Gold Maxx in fields with iron and trash density.
Since metal detectors are generally used in harsh conditions, all sensitive parts have been carefully selected.

Gold Maxx Power detector is developed and manufactured with quality components and materials. This is made to maximize the life of your detector.

The main unit is guaranteed for 5 years and the heads for 2 years.

Xp Gold Maxx Power Detector Features

High performance
Microprocessor control
SILENCER three-position false signal prevention button
Double electromagnetic shielded cable that prevents body movements from interference
Light and perfect balance
Sturdy polypropylene armrest
Frequency: 18 kHz
Multi-tone separation in movable ALL METAL (all metal) mode.
Microprocessor analysis of signals.
Low signal (for iron noise) volume control.
By using the new “IRON THRESHOLD” feature, you are in control and will give a low signal when iron is detected.
Ground Balance: Adjustable
Silencer switch-3 positions to avoid false iron signals.
Wireless headphone transmitter. (2 different channel versions) installed inside the detector’s circuit board.

• New FREQ SHIFT switch-To avoid interference if there are other XP detector users nearby.
• Wireless headset CH1 / CH2 / channel changing
• Detector frequency change feature ((Freg 1 / Freg2)
• Improved sensitivity target settings
• Faster recovery feature compared to previous models – if there is iron near the target you are looking for, by canceling the wrong signal from the iron target will allow you to find more deeply.
• Power supply – 8 Alkaline batteries (1.5 V AA or rechargeable NiMH pack. battery life: alkaline = 50 hours – battery: 50 hours (2300 mAh nihh)

The main unit is guaranteed for 5 years and the heads for 2 years.